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  • Yes, but store it in a dark place like in a drawer, or paper bag so that it won't change color with ultraviolet light.
    Sorry I'm really not sure where the best for you to pick up new pockets would be at. The pockets on my table were in good shape so I just cleaned them up.

    I like this cloth. However when do it again I would rather have simonis 860hr.

    The main reason why I went with this cloth was cost and I was not planning on having the table setup for more than a year at my current house.

    Here are the pros of my cloth

    less expensive than simonis
    plays around the same speed as simonis
    does not get burn marks as easily as 860

    I dont care how tight its installed it will relax slightly
    pills up slightly after around 3 months
    slightly thinner than 860 or 860 hr so if you are hitting alot of jump shots it will get bruises in the cloth
    not the same speed as 860 or 860hr
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