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  • Sorry about starting the "A joint thread", I should have started it in Ask the Cuemaker.
    You can move it if you wish.
    Thank you
    QB Custom Cue Review
    Today 08:52 AM
    by Razor03
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    Can you please delete this post or explain how? Thank you
    I tried posting a new thread on cue review but it is not showing up?nIt is the first time I am posting so I wasnt sure if it takes a little while for it to show up? Thanks for your help in advance.
    I posted a thread on the main forum. For some reason I can't blog in from my phone using Tapatalk app. I get a contact administration error. Worked great till Friday. Th7
    To the monitors, Please remove the Amboyna and Ebony thread..There is becoming way to much arguing. I would appreciate it. Thank You...!!!!
    QB Custom Cues
    How do I get a thread deleted?
    I started a thread in "Cue Reviews" that has got way out of hand and I would like to delete it.
    Nevermind. For some reason my browser defaulted to showing only threads from the past 2 weeks (strange considering all the other forums default to a much longer time period)

    Thanks anyway. :)
    Just a quick question about the 'Instructional Materials' forum section. Why are the threads disappearing after a few weeks of inactivity? There were some good reviews posted, as well as some pretty constructive criticism. I realize that this is somewhat self serving of me, but there were also some good reviews on older material that people might overlook. Robert Byrnes, Jimmy Ried, etc...all good stuff that shouldn't be over shadowed by the newer more popular material.
    thats one heck of a stop, I saw you replied to my question below.

    is that real dangerous, or with practice kinda easy. I know there is awalys a chance of getting hurt, but once you have it mastered-is it possible to do all the time?

    and here is my Christmas card I'm sending alot of people on AZ today:

    hope you have a nice holiday season, Im out sending my eletronic Christmas cards to everyone on AZ, Happy Holidays!!!! :)

    hi Clark...

    I will take the "No time for Negative"... need your Paypal address... and I am in Edmonton AB Canada. Let me know if that is ok...?
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