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  • Cliffy, i just wanted to tell you that you are truly one of the good guys! and I appreaciate people like you!
    Sounds good.. Please check email for particulars. No pockets but knife carve in filigree the straps, lid and make me some accys out the gator ldft over

    It is my pleasure to commision you for what I think will be an exceptional piece. You're 1 in a million and just "good people"

    Take care
    Hey Cliff,

    Just picked up a pristene Florida gator hide from Mike Fagen. Has lot of history about him. This gator was 14' and is a nice brown color. I will send photos to you later on today. Its the largest hide I have ever seen. I am giving you first shot at it but I don't want you to feel obligated in any manner.
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