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    Orcullo vs. Ko

    I know it's old news but were they playing even on that race to 100? I couldn't remember if Dennis was getting some games or not?
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    Keith needs to come to Olathe..

    With all of this new action talk regarding Keith, it may be time for him to make his way to Olathe. This might be the occasion for him to play the Real King of the Bartables and finally put all that to rest. Just an observation and opinion...
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    Matlock vs Keith

    I woulda staked David in 1985, 1995, 2005, and even in 2015 against Keith. Playin bar table pool, big table, one pocket, banks. David was and is the better player between the two. Bar table and all-around.
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    Cue extensions suggestions

    Anybody have any suggestions on them? I found a few on amazon . I think Longonis. Anybody know of quality extenders for under $100?
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    Table Mechanic that travels

    Hello I wanted to see if there was any table mechanics that travel or be willing to travel to customize a Gold Crown 1. Currently it has good condition simonis cloth and I had it shimmed but I think it was done incorrectly. The gentleman didn't have enough experience. I was hoping for someone to...
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    Break and Run instructional videos

    I was wondering if anyone here has purchased/watched the Break/Run videos. I'm a intermidiate/advanced player and I was wondering if this series has any substance for a more experienced player? I don't want another video about basic fundamentals. Any reviews on this series? Thanks!!
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    Video Reviews for Break & Run or Jimmy Reid's video

    Just wanted to know if anybody has watched either of the two videos and what their opinions are of them? Thanks!
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    Anybody hear from Toby Fleharty from LV?

    Anybody ever know what's going on with him these days and if he still plays? When I was a kid and lived in Vegas for a short period I used to sweat him playing onepocket all the time. Super solid player who played for pretty big stakes. Any updates on him??
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    A new tip for my sledgehammer break cue

    I'm totally wanting to take of the phenolic tip off my sledge. A couple of pool buddies bounced a couple of different tips towards me. One said he liked the water buffalo and the other said to look into the white diamond. I'm not sure which to use? I know i wanted a solid solid hitting tip but i...
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    One more break cue thread: Mezz vs. Guylassy

    Hey guys i've been reading some of the posts about break cues and i've decided NOT to buy a Predator no matter what. So, I've narrowed it down to a Mezz or some sort of Guylassy. For under $400 which do y'all recommend and what's the difference between an Anvil and let's say a Orange Crush...
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    Home table champions vs. road players..

    I've been thinking.. I think its in order for the home champion to start enticing the game with either a spot or possibly a refund for expenses. Its hard to play a home champion and then absorb all the gas, food, hotel, etc etc... In addition, the home champion has a huge advantage and thats at...
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    Sweat the break Pt. 3

    Hey guys, I took about a whole year off and i'm starting back hitting some balls, mainly the break. Anyways, my control has come up alot, however, there is tons of room for improvement. Its obvious that have to get my body moving before my stroke comes through, and it seems i need to stand up a...
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    break cues

    Do you guys really think that break cues help out your game? I've been working on my break, thinking about getting one, any suggestions?
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    Sweat my break--week 2

    First and foremost and I want to thank everybody who contributed any input; positive or negative. This is week two of working on the break. I slowed down a few things and worked to keep my cueball on the table more. I'm still not getting up as high as i want/need to. The positives so far are: 1...
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    Charlie would you mind critiquing my break?

    I was hoping for that you would give me some brief tips on my break?