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    Let's See What Everyone Got for Christmas 2015!

    Bob Owen Just got this one in right before Christmas
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    Schon R13

    I just acquired a Schon R13. It is ebony with red veneers and I am going to have it completely refinished. I would like some opinions on what color linen wrap to go back with.
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    Zinzola #139

    Just got this in the mail last week. All white is ivory.
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    2009 BLACKCREEK Ebony Titlist Tribute Full Splice

    [COLOR="Red"]FRIEND GOT IN A BIND FOR $$$$$ SELLING FOR HIM[/COLOR] Blackcreek custom cue by Travis Niklich 2009 Full Splice Forearm: Highly figured Curly Maple with 4 ebony points. Titlist veneers. Wrap: Irish Linen white with green specs Butt: Ebony with ivory Hoppe ring Shafts: 1)...
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    Finally figured out how to load pics. This here is my Mike Cochran. Was told by Mike that he built it for his personal player and was one of his first 9 cues. He also said it was the only one with an engraved joint. I feel very lucky to be able to have one of his cues.
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    Ron Thomas 1X2 & Halliburton 2X4

    Ron Thomas 1X2 Rust Lizard, been used for storage, great shape. $225.00.
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    WTB 3X6 Rusty Melton Cue case

    Looking to buy a 3X6 Rusty Melton cue case. Fully tooled. Thanks
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    WTB ball return for GCIII

    Looking to purchase a ball return set-up for a 9' GCIII. PM me with any available. Thanks, Jason
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    WTB ball return for GCIII

    Looking to purchase a ball return set-up for a GCIII. PM me with any available. Thanks, Jason
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    John Davis cue blanks

    Anybody have the contact info for John Davis?
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    slate bolt

    Need to purchase the bolts that attach the slate to the frame on a Gold Crown III. Thanks again, Jason
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    Threaded inserts for GCIII

    Can anybody tell me where I can find the threaded inserts that connect the aprons to the rails on a GCIII?
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    refelting the rails

    I just recently purchased a GCIII and the previous owner had just ordered new simonis 860 for it. I set the table up VERY level and installed the felt on the playing surface, now I am ready to do the rails. After looking at them, I think whoever did the rails last time did a crappy job...
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    Titlist For Conversion

    Just recently purchased a Titlist for a great price. When it was examined, you could feel where the veneers were raised just slightly. The cue hits solid, but my question is, would this cue be any good for a conversion?
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    Just needing to know where to acquire the clasp locks like on the fellini or old George cases. Thanks