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    Explain this gambling term

    Yes, I meant along with that aspect. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Explain this gambling term

    Also if you give the the player the “wild X” (x being whichever specific ball) that ball counts on the break. Otherwise it doesn’t. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Explain this gambling term

    If you “give” a player a certain ball that ball becomes their winning ball, as well as the 9 ball. Also if you give the player “the last two” once the table is down to two balls either ball is the winning ball for that player. Still shot in numerical order of course. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    I was afraid someone would ask. [emoji12] I am just a league player. UPA SL10/9b and SL9/10b. APA SL 7/8b and SL 8/9b. Last time I was in Vegas playing against Fargo rated players I was playing even with guys in the 570 range. I generally average around 30+. If I’m playing pretty decent I will...
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    I do 30 racks of 10 ball Ghost. Takes about an hour. I then score it as described by Dr Dave. Remove lowest 10 scores and highest 10 scores to eliminate lucky as well as unlucky racks. Final 10 are your average. On his website he has a written out definition of where that number places you in...
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    Pawn Stars

    Ding...ding...ding... we have a winner! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Carlo Pagulayan Comic Artist

    Does anyone know is the Filipino born comic artist Carlo Pagulayan is related to Alex? Just curious.
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    Who’s the AZBer...?

    Who is the guy that documented the building of the really nice outbuilding in his backyard and had two 8 foot tables in it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Diamond cushion replacing

    When you are replacing the cushions on a 7 foot Diamond, is it in your best interest to disassemble the rail cap? Or do you leave the rail cap assembly intact as you would during recovering? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Changing tip, change fiber pad?

    I put a tip on a friend's Revo a while back. He brought it back in a couple days when the tip popped off. He told me that Predator says you are suppose to change the fiber pad every time you change the tip. Is that the general consensus with the rest of you guys?
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    Valley slate too low?

    I’m helping a friend recover his older Valley barbox he recently bought. When I first looked at the table I thought it had the wrong profile cushions on it because the rail nose height was at 1-11/16. So of course the balls were banking dead with no rebound. So as I’m trying to adjust the rails...
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    Anyone here in an APA Live Scoring test area?

    Just curious how it seems to work. Are you using your smart phone or a tablet?
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    Samsung QLED 4K commercial

    So Samsung is dissing us pool players, right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lateral Epicondylitis aka Tennis Elbow screwing up my game!

    I can't break worth a damn or even put a good draw stroke on the ball. This will be my explanation for my bad playing for next few months. Feel free to incorporate this excuse into your pool world excuses as well. Merry Christmas!
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    Jacksonville NC area tournaments?

    I’ll be making my annual pilgrimage to visit the in-laws in North Carolina around Christmas and New Years. I’ve been browsing Facebook to see if there’s any tournaments going on at that time. I can’t really find anything near the J’ville area. Any of our esteemed AZ posters know of anything...