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    Trade showman

    Trade showman shaft 13 mm 1 inch iv××y ferulle cca 4 oz for predator air 2 jump
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    wtb g2 tips

    hi I need 4 G2 medium, 1 samsara JB tip , 3 pad for ferulle, and shipped to croatia. thanks, Jadran
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    who can instal ivory ferrule

    I have shaft without ferrule it is 30 " long 4,5 oz 13 mm, cen someone put me ivory ferulle 1 inch long and lighten it to 4,0 oz in europe if possible?
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    Alanvo is a thief!!!

    I know whole story, and 100000% Alanvo is a thief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Bump it every day
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    looking for titlist

    I would like to trade my schon ltd with 3 shafts (runde, mcdaniell, ca$h), snooker cue midas, 2x4 case for titlist cue
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    case, butt, shaft to trade

    new pictures some new pictures of butt
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    wtb 2x3 case

    does anyone have 2x3 case to sell, it could be used
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    case, butt, shaft to trade

    I want to trade case 2x4, unknown old butt (mcdermott or adams,or something else dont realy know) 5/16/18, and shaft 5/16/14 it was cash cue feruless shaft, not my kind of shaft, then I put OB ferule on it, it is similar as cash, but not my kind. I would like to trade it for leather case minimum 2x3
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    Instroke 3x5 Cue Case For Sale

    trade here is some pictures, butt is old butt straight, I asked for ID, and I think that is old Adams, or old Mcdermott or something else, dont realy know
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    OB1 for schon

    OB1- for schon with logo for sale or to trade + $, for another shaft (scruggs, mcdaniel,...)