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    China open

    are the payouts listed anywhere?
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    Thinking about going from cynergy to Becue prime m

    Great combination I purchased a cynergy loved the shaft hated the tip.Put on a good triangle and wow perfect combination imo !!!!!!!!
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    Step by Step, with photos, easy and safe shaft cleaning

    shaft cleaner Nothing work better then hand cleaner with pumice! Put on clean towel wipe then wipe with clean part burnish with piece of leather.Wont wear down shaft over time i been using it for years!!!!!
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    Recommendations for portable oxygen concentrators?

    Oxygen My wife has been using inogen portable concentrator 8lbs & is covered by medicare for a small fee ph 1 - 877-704-5850 f0r info. I dont see with a 7ft cannula you could shoot pool alright.check it out. Comes with two batteries.
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    Favorite Cuemaker (ONLY ONE!)

    John jack madden !!!!! Great cue & great to work of his word!!!!
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    CSI 10 ball Stream

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    Most Under Valued Cue Builder

    Madden cues There are great players in the south west that play with madden cues. I would put the hit & workman ship against any cue builder out there. I am proud to own one !
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    14 one ?

    What is the ruleing if the break ball is moved when taking balls out of pockets or rolling them down to be racked?
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    The best psr

    If you want to see near perfect psr watch Hunter Lombarto & Kim Davinport that is what psr should look like! WHAT DO YOU THINK?
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    Can phenolic tip be filed down?

    phenolic tip I used the tool four sanding the ferrule square when changing my tips.the sanding disc you use to change tips works for me!
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    Looking for a good ball rack, what are you all using?

    best rack the best rack i have used is called DONS RACK! I HAVE USED IT FOUR YEARS. STILL WORKS ON ALL GAMES.:thumbup:
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    usa open stream

    This is the worst stream i ever purchased off on off on unwatchable.i will never buy any stream from accu-stats again i tryed ever browser made. I hope yur having better luck .
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    Eyes on top of head!

    I have yet to see anyone with eyes on top of there head.So why wear glasses there? I must be missing something. JUST WONDERING. YUR THOUGHTS!
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    Hardtimes pool room

    I feel sorry four the poor buggers trying to play pool sweating all over the place.What with AC FIX THE DAM THING!I be dammed i pay 100$ to sweat .Ever one *****ing about the heat your a first class pool hall act like it!
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    Diamond Table At Hard Times

    To much heat! How can a nice room like hardtimes in calif heat have no ac! Your thoughts! It must smell real good in there!