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  • Thank you. I have another on YouTube that you might enjoy watching Google: (Mike Grosso 14.1). Keep in touch and let me know how your game is coming along. đź‘Ť
    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the "greenie". Mike grew up in the pool room I frequented. And I mean grew up. Once he hit the pool room it was over for his personal life. 17 and playing for thousands. He is a product of his youth. When he was in Rochester to visit his parents, I "babysat" Trevor and Spencer for he and Rene. Never acknowledged my friendship through all the years. Sad, very sad.


    I saw Paul Fields yesterday at Amsterdam. He was a good friend of Jimmy's, as you know.

    Are you still in touch with Mitch?

    If you can, please email me at (although I check the pms here too once every couple of weeks).

    Take care,
    Saw your post about Jimmy Abel. I used to play in White Plains and knew Jimmy also. He was a very good guy, and very knowledgeable about pool and life. You're right he did have a Jedi master sort of way about him. As you probably know, he was also an expert hypnotist and knew a lot about a lot of different subjects. I saw part of that 24-hour pocketing record at Executive Billiards in White Plains. Jimmy was explaining to me afterwards about how caught a rhythm by playing so fast and for so long.

    Jimmy also wrote a good book about pool, although it hasn't been circulated widely.

    He was an all-around nice guy, interesting, smart, and great pool player and teacher. Thanks for bringing him up in your post.

    Take care,
    Larry Moy
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