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  • HI Larry. I know I've been MIA from the Pool world for some time. Married & Family life will do that I guess, lol. I'm shooting a little bit here and there and decided to come back to the forum here. I wrote a little something on Jimmy Abel in the Hall Of Fame section.
    I found out that former 1/3rd owner of Executive, Guy Hamilton (aka Guy Azzariti) passed away last year. Guy was never my favorite person, but I was sad to learn of his passing. I think Jimmy Jr. passed away as well. The former owner of Post Billiards and owner of the Freddie's Dry Cleaners fired Mitch sometime last year. I tried to learn of the details, but was unsuccessful. As for me, I've retired from DJing after 30 years and remain working full time as a Psychotherapist. I live just outside Waterbury, CT. How are you doing? Where do you play these days? Hope to hear from you soon. Best, Steve Kinsella. CSW007@aol.com Cell: 914 450 6007
    Steve - Great to reconnect! Hope you're well. I remember you, of course. Didn't you also have a Scruggs Titlist?

    I'm embarrassed to say that I lost touch with Mitch after the Post closed. We had lunch once after that, I believe, since Mitch was nearby working for Fred's dry cleaning business. If you're still in touch with him, say hi please.

    Both books sold pretty well -- although they're both pretty old now. Just saw Babe Cranfield's widow, Ruth, and his son, Larry, up in Syracuse.

    For the first time in my life, I joined a pool league - a straight pool league at Amsterdam Billiards. Are you still playing?

    Thanks for bringing up Jim Abel. I still see Paul Fields once in a while at Amsterdam.

    I check my email (address below) often, if you ever want to make arrangements to meet at a poolhall or get a slice at Nicky's on Mamaroneck!

    Take care,
    Larry (cell 646-824-0784; email lsm@outtengolden.com)
    Larry, it's Steve Kinsella, Mitch Kaufman's friend. I worked at Executive and played with a Huebler cue. How the heck are you?
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