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    One Pocket Question

    I was watching a match between Rodney Morris and Raphael Martinez. There were a number of times during the match when they just picked up a ball in the kitchen area and put it on the foot spot. In fact, I think if I remember right, at one time they picked up two balls and spotted them. These...
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    CB Action

    I'm always amazed, when watching Efren, how much spin or action he gets on the CB. He seems to hit the CB real easy or softly and when the CB hits a rail it really takes off. Does anyone know what he does to accomplish this? Is he using BHE or swiping at the CB?
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    McDermott D-15

    Looking for a McDermott D-15 series cue.
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    Texas Express

    I was a bystander to a game of 9 ball last night using Texas Express rules. When the person broke, he failed to hit the one ball. The 9 ball went into the side pocket. The person breaking said he didn't hit the one ball and it was a foul. Then there was some conversation on what to do. It...
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    Pre Shot Routine

    I was watching Jayson Shaw shoot this weekend and was wondering what he is thinking about on each shot. He shoots fast and is extremely accurate in pocketing balls and gets great position. I really believe that doing too much thinking can get you into a whole lot of trouble. I would like to...
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    One Pocket Question

    I've noticed in some one pocket matches that when one wants to take a foul they just tap the top of the cue ball with the tip of their cue. Is this OK in the game of one pocket, or is it a house rule, or something that is agreed upon prior to the match? I know it is OK to just barely touch the...
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    Also Looking For A Table

    My son is close to buying a house in the Fairfield, CA area. The house has a room big enough for a table. He grew up on a GCIII. He'll be looking to buy a good used table. I told him I would recommend a Gold Crown or a Diamond as long as he could find one in good condition. I have posted...
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    Mechanic In Frisco Area

    My son will be buying a house within 50 miles of San Francisco. There's a house near Fairfield that he and his wife are looking at. There is a room big enough for a table. He called me looking for recommendation. I said I would ask on this site to try and find a mechanic. He also needs to...
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    Diamond Systems

    There are numerous diamond and numbering systems. Has anyone ever seen or does anything exists which explains all of the different types in a book along with an explanation of the numbering for that system. Not only are there systems for hitting an object ball on or close to a rail but there...
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    Congrats Nick

    Congratulations to Nick Conner on his Omega Billiards Tour win in Arlington, TX
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    Rail or Jacked Up

    I would appreciate any comments, tips, or advice in shooting from the rail and also shots where you have to jack up. I know when you jack up you have to hit dead center so as not to spin the ball. I seem to have a problem either finding the center or hitting accurately because most of the time...
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    9 Ball Break

    I cannot get a decent 9 ball break and am looking for any help than I can get. I know that every table has it's "sweet spot" but it seems that the better players get a more consistent break no matter where they shoot from. I also realize that speed and hitting the one ball full on have a lot...
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    Length of Back Swing

    I think a lot of my problems with my stroke stems from my back swing. There are a lot of times, where I try and hit the ball softer/not so hard, and still go too far on my position. I may have the mind set that I draw back the same distance and depending on how hard or soft I slow down my...
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    Banking Secrets

    Does anyone have any tips, secrets, etc. that they care to share on banking, both across and length of table. I don't seem to be able to find too much info on this subject. I did purchase John Brumback's DVD and that was helpful as well as info from Freddy The Beard. What I am looking for is...
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    Aramith Power Ball Cleaner

    Has anyone had the chance to try out the new Aramith ball cleaner yet? It only cleans one ball at a time. Was wondering what they mean by applying pressure to the ball. Do you have to press down on the ball while it is performing its cleaning action? Any comments will be appreciated.