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  • Good going, Darin! You're becoming a force in OC pool!

    The last time I was at Newport Five I was trying to locate a gal that I heard was looking for me. Roy Yamane told me she hung out there. I eventually found her with the help of a guy in the bar. She would come into OC every few years and try to find me. Because I moved around a lot, it wouldn't always be easy. But, she knew if she asked enough pool players, someone would know where I was at. Craziest thing, she always thought that playing pool and hanging out with me was the greatest fun you could have. Of course I didn't mind because she was smokin' hot.

    I couldn't help thinking about this and other old memories while I was in the "Five".

    I won the tournament ... Played David in the final a pretty good player, he made a mistake and I got him. I would like to get up that way. I am playing in the Dannk K's tourney this weekend 1K added handicapped so i have a chance tttys
    Hi Darin,

    Even though we didn't hook up for very long, it was still a very eventful trip. Besides the Invitational, I got to shoot with Gus for a few hours (fun even though I think I lost overall). I saw DJ, Matt, Nora, Chuck, Jim and a long-lost acquintance named Fred (formerly from the Swinging Door). I missed Lil and Larry though.

    I'm wondering, how did you finished up in the tournament at Newport Five?

    Sounds like it'll be fun being the rep for the Slug Buster. I'm sure with your charisma, you'll be driving sales up for our buddy, Abe.

    I'm not sure when I'll be back in town. No plans, really. But, if you have some free time on your hands, you're always welcome in beautiful Ventura. Believe it or not, they play a little pool out here too. I'm generally off on Fridays and Saturdays.

    I'm hoping you get all the good rolls.

    Sorry, I've been real busy over the Holidays. I don't think we'll be fielding a team at Bigshots this time around, but good luck with the new season.
    I'm sure Mr Abe is out to get back at me. I could tell he was off his game when we played. But, we were on a tough table that intimidated a lot of folks. All just the same, it was a pleasure to meet him.

    Too bad about Gus not being available. Now I have to make another dedicated trip just to see him.

    I'll give you a call in the early afternoon tomorrow. Also, I've contacted Ralph and he is trying to see if he can get freed up.

    Keep shooting 'em straight and getting all the good rolls.

    Lil is on a team. It is a pretty exciting adventure. I should be free during the day on Sunday. If you get the chance give me a call.
    Hi Darin,

    I in fact will be in south OC this weekend but it will be devoted to celebrating my mom's birthday. The only chance I could hook up with you might be on Sunday. I'd have to call you if that's even possible.

    Glad to hear the league is underway and doing well. Did Lil and Larry join up?

    Now that summer is over and I'm getting more help at work, I'll be able to take some time off to shoot pool and visit OC once in a while. If I don't catch you on this visit, I'll be back around next month. Hopefully we can arrange to see Gus the electrician and possibly Ralph. In the meantime, be good and stay out of trouble.

    As you can tell, Gus doesn't just go away peacefully. That was how I remember him anyway.

    When you're in Vegas, are you going to hook up with Cotton and Fatboy? Do so if you can (and say hi for me).

    Be good and shoot 'em straight.
    Gus the Electrician!!! OMG, I haven't seen him in a zillion years. I've got to see him sometime.

    I contacted Lil to let her know about your league. She responded by saying I was reading her mind. Both her and Larry are all settled into their new digs and were looking for a league to join up. If you haven't heard from them yet, you probably will soon.

    Glad to hear things are shaping up with the league.

    I'm hoping to make another OC visit before summer is over. I'l let you know when that happens.

    (Damn, I can't get over the idea that Gus is still around)
    Hi Darin,

    I saw your thread on the BCA league you got going. That's great! It seems that a few folks are interested in joining up. Best of luck with that.

    Why aren't you working? You weren't among the recently laid off, were you?

    Work has kept me from ramping up my game. I lost a close co-worker to cancer, another is away on a family emergency and yet another is being investigated on criminal charges. All this happening at the height of summer, our busy season. If I manage to survive all of this, I'm looking to go on the road and forget about things for awhile!

    It's been a long time since I visited OC. Actually, the last time was when I came with Lil and Larry. In fact, I should contact them to infom them of your league. They enjoy that kind of thing.

    Keep up the straight shooting because when I make it down there, I'm taking no prisoners!

    Hi Darin,

    Yes, I still plan on comming down to OC. It's been awhile since I've hung out with you. I'm looking forward to the visit. I'll call Saturday morning to make plans to hook up.

    Hi Darin,

    I'm still coming to OC but things have changed. I just learned I have some relatives in town and I'll be tied up with them the whole weekend (I think). If I can break away, I'll look you up.

    If for some reason we don't hook up this weekend, I'll be back the following weekend.

    Be good and shoot 'em straight.

    Hi Darin,

    Yes, I'll be at the BCA but I'm only doing the team event, only because the singles event seems to overlap the team play. I don't know if I mentioned this but I got onto a team in Santa Barbara. A friend of mine tried to recruit me to join after a team member pulled out. I agreed to do substitute duty but somehow the team adopted me. As luck would have it, the team is ready to close out the season at the top of the league standings.

    I also decided to not shoot in the BCA 9-ball because that would have me in town for 8 or 9 days. That seemed a bit much. But I'm looking at coming a little early, like maybe Friday the 14th.

    My next visit to OC will be the weekend of the 10th. Of course I'll want to hook up with you.

    As to my buddy Frank you met in Vegas, I'm drawing a blank. Frank "the Barber"? Frank Segui? FrankinCali? I give up, you got me.

    Hi Darin,

    Too bad you didn't make it out to the San Diego Classic. I told Jasmin you would be coming and she was really looking forward to meeting you! :D:D

    I'll give you call some time this week.

    Great, I'll see you that Saturday.

    I was going to hang out at Hard Times during the Women's Qualifier but I was sick. I did get a chance to see some of their action on Sunday. Pretty hard watching them sometimes. With the tough tables they were still able to put up some big runs, like 4 or 5 balls in a row. Still, most of them could clobber me without working up a sweat.

    HI Darin,

    I play like a little girl. I lost my first one right off the bat, to a guy I wasn't familiar with. But from what I understand, he was a heavy favorite. I forgot his name already but he only missed one ball the whole match. Pretty good player.

    I won my next two matches, 8-1, 8-4. At this point I only need to win one more match and I'm in the money. But as luck would have it, I ran out of steam and totally lost focus. And I'm sure I was the the big favorite on that one. So, I'm not a happy camper.

    Everything else was fun though. I hung with Isaac for a while. I also had a good time talking with Chuck, Stacy, Tina and Jay Helfert. So it wasn't all bad.

    Sorry to hear the doubles gig didn't pan out. I'm thinking I'll also do the BCA for my next rodeo. Hopefully we can hook up before then.

    Your old bud, "The 8-ball Einstein"
    Great, come on out. Hopefully I'll still be playing! There always seems to be a few surprises during this event. The first beer is on me.

    Good luck on the doubles gig.

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