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  • Darin,

    I plan on being in OC this weekend. What are you doing? Wanna get together? Shoot a little One Hole? Sneak up on unsuspecting bar players? Beat up some Marines? Let me know.

    Haha thanks man, I wonder how many guys on the rail lost their money on that one.. lol
    First Nicol and now Ashley? Wow, you're going to have a killer combo on your hands!

    I've been under the weather recently, hoping to get over it before I head out to Vegas. I think all will be well by then but my pool game has suffered some. It's not as if it will matter much anyway. If I play Johnny, Shane or Mika they will wipe the floor with me no matter how good my game is. :mad:

    Anyway, I'll be sure to tell all the Mosconi Cup guys you said hello. :grin:
    Yes the lesson went very well. I have met Robin a number of times before and I did mention your name to her..... She said who is that???? I am just kidding yes she new you and said to say hi. She is working on her stroke right now. She seems pretty excited to improve. I am also going to start Ashley out with Robin after the Holidays
    Hi Darin,

    Nicol taking lessons from Robin? Wow, that great. I hope she doesn't charge an arm and a leg! But then again, I'm sure she's an excellent instructor.

    It actually took a while to find someone to go to the Mosconi Cup. I asked people I know in San Diego, Phoenix, the Bay Area and more. Apparently people have busy lives! Imagine that! In the end, an acquintance from San Diego jumped at the offer. It should be fun.

    Be good and shoot 'em straight.

    any friend of Jay Helferts is a friend of mine. Great book, I'm out meeting new friends tonite on AZ, let me know if you get out to LA of Vegas.

    eric :)

    Do you think we could get pictures of those cobra skin cues and post them up here on AZ? I think people would freak, like I did! Man those things were exotic.
    Yeah I think so. Jess is having some medical issues but if she is okay then we will be there.
    Yeah I haven't been playing much at all. I did however play in the US am qualifier this weekend at Styx Billiards in Rancho Cucamunga. I played really well and ended up beating the 2003 US Amateur Champion Bruce Choyce in the finals to qualify. I was pretty stoked on that. Liza qualified too so we're going to the 2009 US Amateur in Tampa Florida in November. Should be fun.
    Btw, how did you get so many friends and the maximum amount of green reps after only 105 posts? Man, I knew you were good!
    The next time I'll be in Orange County, I'll be devoting that time to spending it with my mom to celebrate her birthday. After that, I'm not sure.

    I haven't seen any recent posts from you. I hope all is well.

    I just helped my buddy, Chuck, move back to Orange County. Now he'll be looking for a new set of folks to hang out with. He wondered if he could get together with you and the other guys in the south county somehow. I told him I'd find out. Chuck found a job and is now a resident of Fullerton. If I remember right, Dan also lives there, right?

    Take care and shoot 'em straight.
    I made up my mind, I'll be in town tomorrow. When I get in I'll give you a call. Look for that to be about noon.

    Be good and shoot 'em straight!
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