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  • I sent you a friend request....we chatted a couple of times at the APA Tournament this past August. I'm in Texas & traded cues with your buddy Ross...also know Todd Adamski...

    I'm flattered. Thanks for the invite. I really want to stop in for some snooker. I'm bringing my Parris. I will be in Las Vegas for about 12 days in May.

    Beau is one great player that is still on the rise. I too am impressed with him and expect and hope for big things in his future.

    See you soon,
    Mike Fieldhammer
    good morning Mike, cues arrived yesterday evening- they look good-now to see if any of the cues standout on the table.Where are you going to be monday league night?
    Beau was at the pool room at my house the other night, niceguy-i really like him. we spoke about youa bit, he seemed suprised you been to my house I replued "All the champions make it here one time or another". If your in Vegas in May PLEASE let me know I'm thinking of throwing a party-your the first person I told cause I just thought of it. Best Eric
    Sweet. Keep me updated. I can't wait to hit balls with them. Thanks.

    And holy cow! Congrats on the wedding!
    Hello Mike- looks like the cues should be here in a month or so I'm like 1-2 from receiving. Just an update .thanks mark Just back from Hawaii -Married
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