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  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks so much 4 the update.
    I'm looking forward to playing and seeing U there!
    Hi Noel,
    Yes and thank you for your past support. I don't have a player's list as of yet, because the room owners haven't yet made them public to me. I feel like I'm running 3 tournaments instead of just

    I do know the following should be showing up for the One-Pocket but I don't have a bonafide list:

    John Morra
    Rodney Morris
    Tony Chohan
    Efren Reyes
    Francisco Bustamante
    Ike Runnels
    Darren Appleton
    Amar Kang
    John Henderson
    Edgie Geronimo

    I hope this helps and look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Best Wishes,
    I was at Hard Times last night with Andy and we totally forgot to get an updated list. We are going there again this evening and I'm bringing my laptop, so join my Facebook page if you wish and I will publish more names late tonight.

    P.S. - Jesse Engel was there and gambling with Amar Kang for $500 a set. He was in the process of losing his 2nd set when we left.
    Really appreciate the advice, I am taking the baby steps gradually, currently keep practicing with straight shots, while keep learning how to stroke as level as possible. Trying my best to add as much table time as possible. It is indeed a wonderful game. Thanks so much Noel.
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