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  • I hope that U are making more balls per hour of practice nowadays!
    It's all about putting balls in the hole!
    One of my new buddies down at our nice senior center. He is a retired airline pilot!
    He loves the game of pocket billiards but he does'nt pay attention 2 what I preach so he continues to shoot at shots all over the table and wasting his time.
    I must emphasize that it's about making all the east shots first and then moving on 2 some shots with a greater skill level. If U can't make all the easy shots U never will make any of the more difficult ones. Just common sense!!
    Your Brain must B happy about the balls falling into those pockets or UR game will never improve..
    I played Willie Mosconi two times when I was a kid so I know what I'm speaking about.
    Enjoy the wonderful game of Pocket Billiards and let me know about your improvements.
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