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    FS yellow micarta

    For sale is a none drilled yellow micarta ferrule, the original rod is from a friend of mine, he builds custom knife, he got an entired rod many years ago and decided to drill it into ferrules for a quick sell The ferrule is paper based yellow micarta, not something who sell on ebay, this is the...
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    FS NEW Kamui and Sniper tip

    Up for sale is the new edition 10 layers Kamui tips Black: USD 16.5 each shipped Original: USD 16 each shipped Large quantity are welcoming Have all hadrness except H 10 layers Tiger Sniper tip Hardness: M ask 12.5USD each shipped paypal address please sent the payment...
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    2 cues on the Bay~~

    Link fixed :D will wait till the bid...
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    FS Martinez & Blue Grass

    Up for sale are two mint condition cues #1 Ernie Martinez flame cue, RARE 3 points Tulip wood into Garbon nose, 5 zip style silver rings with one shaft shaft is at 12.8MM with Le-Pro tip, slightly played ask for 1600 OBO #2 Out of print PJ Richard Harris/Blue Grass with 2 new built shafts This...
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    LF large Whitten

    LF a large Whitten to fill ton of my cues, 8x4 or 12x6 send me pix at
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    LF large case

    LF a large case can fit my cue, cuz I dont want to let my cue sleep with me:D Such as 4x8, or larger dealer case, but the dealer case has to be soft cases
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    Any one piece snooker over there?

    WTB two one-piece ash snooker cue, just feel there are limited choice to buy snooker cues in the states:(
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    F/S F/T Brand NEW JD high-end

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    WTB SW style or P/J up to $350

    WTB 6 points SW style or P/J cues, no sneaky joint wood to wood flat 3/8x11 or 10, brass or stainless steel tip dia 13mm or plus weight 19-19.5OZ, no less than 19 ROLL STRAIGHT~~
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    FS: Brand New Whitten 1x2

    Whitten on ebay PM me for more info, pix, or make an BO
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    Old mint JossWest for sell

    check on this~~~
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    need help~~~

    whos here has made custom joint protector, I think the brand was JB, just forgot the guys name:confused:
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    LF gold brunswick chalk

    Does any one here have extra gold brunswick chalk for sale? let me know
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    LF Blue book

    same as tittle, LF blue book of pool cue 3rd edition
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    LF blue grass

    I have 2000 budget LF a blue grass Richard Harris, better with ebony(i know its rare) or cocobolo points, 2 shafts has to be 13MM or plus, PM me if you have one