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  • Are these original autographs obtained by you? Is this a 2x2 or? I have a collectable cues I want to store..
    no but you can tell they are real , probably someone went to a WPBA event and got all the signatures
    you could send pics of the Meucci to dxchad@yahoo.com and I could pass it along to the friend I am selling the McDermott Tourney Cue
    I have a very nice Meucci cue designed by Steve Lorax for Meucci I’d trade you for the McDermott tc1 crown. It has 2 shafts I think its a MTC-4
    HI, It looks like you buy/sell/trade on AZ...we need to talk !
    Please call me on my cell: 336-337-3635
    Wayne Nance
    Greensboro, NC 27410
    yes sounds better bypass the ebay fees sounds better to me anyway they already make enough money LOL my e-mail is dxchad@yahoo.com
    Hello from pipe1976 - now we do our sale direct and exchange emails I do not know if I will use ebay any more .It has gotten hard to place a sale I could not even relist without the same problem so I will have to do the sale with you direct thru here .
    and pay pal Once I have your email I can send you a bill thru paypal
    Lonnie By the way my regular email is
    "lonnie_wilber@yahoo.com" and this is the address I use for pay pal
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