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  • nancewayne, I haven't been on here in a while, at one time I was in contact with someone on AZ that was a retired Cuetec dealer, and I was trying to get in touch with them, was that you or do you know who it could have been, thank you.
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    I have A LOT of new (old stock) Cuetec cues (including some verrry inexpensive annual Cuetec promo cues) ! What are you looking for ?
    do you do any trading or just sell
    Transaction with Wayne was fantastic!
    Couldn't be more pleased ��.
    Thank you very much.
    Hello Wayne,
    send you a message to your privat account. please send me your fotos.

    greets lowokol Wolfgang
    my name is chad my phone is 608-269-4089 I work nights so I won't always answer but you can leave a message
    Kingpin, Which cues are you interested in from your private post of 10-08-17 ? You are welcome to call me on my cell: 336-337-3635. Thanks, Wayne Nance in Greensboro, NC
    Sorry, I just found your message. If you still have your cues, I would be interested in some pics. 320-295-8342. Thanks, Grant
    Hi there. Thanks for the delivery of the shaft. Got here before I expected it!! Took a trip to boston last week and took my cues along with me and got about 15 hours on the shaft and love it. Thanks for the piece.
    Hi Q Protectors,
    Are you making JP's now, if so, I need to order sets of these.
    Please let me know either via AZ Forum message or call me at:
    1-800-710-2832 toll-free.
    Wayne Nance (nancewayne on AZ Forum)
    Greensboro, NC 27410
    Look something like this??
    Hi Wayne! I've only been to Jake's once since the renovation, and didn't play. I do need to check out the newer tables and see how they roll. The place looks great! Hat's off to Jakes. I have your #, and when I can see myself getting out there, I'll buzz you! Been traveling a lot lately for furniture markets. Just now got back from Atlanta for 12 days. Good to be home. Off to Vegas show in a week and a 1/2 for a week's stay for another market. After that, things should calm down a bit for me! Cheers! Matt
    Hi Wayne. I was looking at Jakes website last week and saw they moved into the old yoga space. If you ever get to Cary, look me up. The table is set up for practice and you are welcome over. I recentley put blue tour edition on it, but still have the old cloth on the rails. I am wanting to purchase new leather pockets before I recover the the rails. The table plays fast and for the most part is as true as I can get it with the equipment I have.

    Take Care,

    Hi, thank you. I have not ever seen this. Can you get me a few pictures please? I'd like to have them for the Gallery at my website, Classified Billiards, Schon archives for one, and also I'd like to try and ID the cue as well. Did you try and find your cue there?
    I don't blame you about not fixing it, as long as it doesn't look bad with the extra stamp.
    Sorry the shaft is not available anymore. It has been traded for 2 days. Sorry again, Chris
    I've called 4 time you regarding the shaft swap. no answer. If you want the trade let me know what you have. I won;t call you again. thanks.
    The scenery is always nice at Jakes !! I have been you as a reference in my job search, hopes its ok with you. Tell Eric I'll take the 7 and all the breaks. :)
    Just checking in with you. Interested to find out how the FingerSlides are selling for you. Also, I have a new WEB-SITE:

    I also have a big SALE for Dealers coming up in September. Email me at cuezctc@yahoo for the details.

    Take Care,
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