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  • can you tell me if the Tad cue you posted back on 01-12-2009, 04:54 PM is for sale, or do you have a model number you could share with me? It was the fist cue in your posting, the one with 3 photos. Any other details of the cue are much appreciated.
    Sorry but i cant figure out how to post a pic on here... Do u have a email i can send to or cell phone?/
    just wondering did you ever call my friend Kenneth Decuire as he is very interested in buying your Dennis Searing cue. My name is Hal i just knew where to find your add and let him put his name and number in under my screen name of Itsfroze.thanks Hal
    i remeber now, I didnt get back there again. My back was pretty bad that week and I had alot of work to do. I appologise, we'll get it figured out so you can play with a couple of them. Its really hard on me to be out and about like that, Come to think of it I did go back one other time this year and layed on the couch for 3 hours watching the screen on the wall, I couldnt sit in a chair, I had to lay down. please let me know when your going to be in Vegas and we'll get you sorted out.

    my very best
    Thanks. We met briefly at the TAR BAR last may. I was hoping to maybe hit with 1 of your szams since i never have before, but never saw you again during that week. Hope your back and biz is doing well. Take care e.

    nice Tad in your avitar!!!!! I have one similar to that, I traded into it back in 91, the colors are amazing,

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