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    Can anyone tell me what wood this is?

    Goncalo Alves maybe??? Alves grain patterns vary a lot and could look like that. The weight of the cue could clue you in as well. If the wood feels heavy, I would lean towards Alves. If the cue feels lighter, then Mr. Neighbors may be correct.
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    Using the microwave as a kiln?

    I was at woodcraft the other day and bought a couple of bowl blanks to turn. One blank was kiln dried wood. The other blank was wax sealed and still wet. The cashier asked me if I had ever tried to use my microwave as a kiln to dry out wet wood. He said he gets good results. So, i did a...
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    Radial joint protector pins from Atlas

    Is anyone else having issues with the male radial JP pins that Atlas is selling? This is the first time I ordered them from Atlas and they will not screw in properly. I do not think it is me. I think it is something funky with the start of the thread. Have you run into any issues? How did...
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    Question for Deluxe users???

    Has anyone put a 4 jaw independent chuck on a deluxe? If so, how did you do it? I assume you would have to use an adaptor plate, but I have been looking around on the net and cannot seem to find anything. Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree.
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    Turning down shafts

    I was wondering, I know different guys have different ideas of what the proper turning schedule should be. If you do not mind sharing, what is your turning schedule? How much time between turns, How many turns before the shaft is down to finish size? what is your reasoning? My guess is there...
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    First Butterfly Splice

    Ok, here is the back story. I have been approached by a young lady to have me build her a cue. She currently plays with a very expensive cue ($2k+). She is tired of worrying about it getting damaged/Stolen and always smelling like cigarette smoke. I cannot blame her. She wants something...
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    Repair opinions/suggestions - PLEASE!!!

    OK, this is going to break alot of cue addicts hearts. I have a customer that accidentally (?) snapped the forearm on his high dollar Joss West. I have a general idea of a way to alter/repair/coble the cue back together. But I wanted to throw it out to the more experienced for suggestions...
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    Ouch - Down goes Frasier!

    a quick pic of the xray. I won't show the bloody fingers.
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    Ouch - Down goes Frasier!

    Well, this is painful and embarrasing. I was using my router table yesterday working on building a poker table for the house. I was using feather boards and everything was going smoothly until one board slipped somehow and shot off the router table accross the room. That caused my hand to...
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    Possible Logo's

    Hey Guys, I have been lucky enough to have a freind who is a graphical designer help me with developing a logo for my cues. He has sent back a couple of proofs and I wanted to throw these out there to get some opinions. The original concept was to use the O in my last name and the image of...
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    Tulipwood stability

    Hey guys, I want some advice on tulipwood. I have a cue that I am getting started for a customer that will have a tulipwood forearm. My general philosophy on coring is that I only core wood to reduce weight or if I am working with wood that is less stable. So, I need some advice on this...
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    Neil Olsen Cue

    here is the latest cue. It is already sold. I hope Jason enjoys it!
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    River of wood?

    OK, I did a poor job of keeping records of my wood. So, I decided to pull it all out and organize it. I was amazed at how much wood there was. I have only been stockpiling it for about two years now. Do I qualify for a river of wood yet? :D:D:D
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    Ferrule tricks?

    Just curious to find out some of your tricks for polishing or treating ferrules to get them to resist absorbing chalk and dirt? I am having issues with this. I am mainly using LBM or Aegis. I just started sealing the ferrule with some thin CA and sanding it out to 2000 grit. Only time will...
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    98' Southwest

    I have had this Southwest a while. It just sits in it's case. It is time for it to find a home where it will be used. It is in 99% condition. Specs to follow shortly. Asking price is Sold Pending Payment.