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    Cumberland Indiana Area

    My Dad lives in the area. I don't go see him as often as I should; however, this could change with a possibility of playing on someone's home table. I mostly play on a 4' x 8' Brunswick Contender. Unfortunately, the table is currently in a pole barn. I joke that I should offer up my barn as...
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    Best Days To Attend Derby?

    You can't go wrong with the 1st weekend. Watch Shane try to win another Bigfoot Challenge on the 10ftr. Watch a little Banks on the side.
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    Default Parallels Plesk Page

    When I enter, I get a default Parallels Plesk Page. I can access the Forums by googling azbilliards and then clicking on the Forums. It seems the only part I can't view is the Homepage. This probably has been addressed on this forum. However, I've just read about people...
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    Shane and Mike vs The World

    Could this also be a preview for these two together on this years Mosconi Cup team. We know Shane is a lock. Also, whether you're a Mike D. fan or not, he probably should be on this years MC team. I know he needs very good finishes at Turning Stone and The U.S. Open 9-Ball to be guaranteed a...
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    A Huge Thank You from CueSports International (CSI)!

    Preach On, Brother Bond! ABR tonight. I couldn't agree more. I was already a fan from listening to you on ABR, but I enjoy even more your written opinions. That's certainly not a critique, as I got a C- in public speaking. It's much easier to be behind the camera for me. Look forward to...
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    The Legend of " Little L ".

    It was actually Bobby Cotton who gave Lazaro the nickname "Little L" Another note of correction. Long days clouded my memory. Thanks for getting the link up so fast. This match is fun to watch. Bobby I admire you for doing the commentary down to the very end. It can't be easy or enjoyable...
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    The Legend of " Little L ".

    More funding for Juniors I too noticed that he wasn't able to play in the Nationals. Perhaps his parents only had so much time off work. Or maybe he had to get back to start school. The BCA Nationals lasts around 10 days. They would have to stayed almost an additional week to attend the...
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    The Legend of " Little L ".

    The B.E.F. Junior Nationals start today(8/04/2015). Tune in and look for the soon to be Legend LAZ and others. Good Luck to each and every competitor.
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    The Legend of " Little L ".

    Let's make that the The Legend Of "Lil L". Yeah Bobby your right " Lil L " sounds better. I hope to see you next year.
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    The Legend of " Little L ".

    Lazaro Martinez put on the most entertaining match that occurred during the recently completed BCAPL/USAPL Nationals. There was a Juniors event as well. I believe it was also a Junior National qualifier. Which as I write that BEF Junior Nationals is probably coming to conclusion. The Final for...
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    TAR: The Darren Appleton Story Presented by Predator Cues

    World Class Person as well. Thanks go out to Justin, Andrew and Darren. You guys are GOOD PEOPLE. I told myself I was going to make a list of Darren's accomplishments since his 200 and out in the14.1 championships and let him know how incredible he was doing. Now I have one more...
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    My Friend Chad "Big Nasty" Pollman

    That's what friends are for! Just when Some people were wondering where have all the good post gone. This thread goes right to the core of what is great about people like Justin and others that do all they can for the billiards industry. Justin, you got a huge heart brother. Post of the...
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    TAR: Darren Appleton Perfect Practice 2 Trailer

    Everything TAR has produced has been superb. So looking forward to the second installment. Darren Appleton's drills are excellent. Still remember the drill he had Ronnie Alcano do on the podcast before their match up. Ronnie did it first try. Hell, I still haven't completed that drill...
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    Video 1989 World 9-ball chmpship Part 1..4 great qtr-finals Nick; Earl; Archer; Grady

    Unfortunately I have a correction in regards to my previous post. I was just informed that I most definitely am no D player on a 9-footer at an event. However, I still contend that I'm a C at home down in the basement. Just wanted to say thanks again! Enjoy everyone.
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    Video 1989 World 9-ball chmpship Part 1..4 great qtr-finals Nick; Earl; Archer; Grady

    Just when others proclaim AZB has no beneficial topics of late. Yourself and others prove otherwise. This post and link is one of many great opportunities for AZ members to benefit from one another. My hat is off to you and others like you. Thanks! I'm probably a D player on a Diamond...