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  • Hi Vass,

    Did you end up selling either your Kersenbrock or Pre-Date 1988 Southwest? Thank you, Barry
    Hey Vass,

    If you're going to buy a SW, you might as well get one for 2K...the merry widow at 1400 is too high.

    Vass, how are you doing brother? Cannot catch you online, perhaps it is the ime difference... How are you doing these days, how's the family? Love the photos of you and the little one on F/B. Miss you brother!!!
    By the way, I am looking for a carom table. To buy. Have a post on the carom section, put some thoughts if get any chance. Also what do you think about the Longoni Fusion model for libre + with S2 shaft?
    Send my best regards to M, and kiss little princess V.
    Hope to hear from you soon, and catch up hopefully one day soon!
    Regards IJ
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