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  • Hi Duc! Hey, did you ever have any luck getting your cue from Dennis Searing? I've had a cue with him since 2017 to have a shaft made and a wrap put on. He avoids my calls like the plague. I've paid him for the work and was told last November that he'd send the cue in three days. Still nothing...
    Hunter Lambardo is suppose to be good friend with he said he will try to get my cue back when he's back in this point...not sure what to do but to show up in his shop for the cue.
    First time he answers my calls in five years, he sent me samples for the wrap. Sent me pics. Talked to him the next day and sent a payment. He was supposed to send the cue the next day.
    The cue hasn't showed and of course, he no longer answers calls. Maddening!
    Extra length :60 inch
    Wrap less with curly maple ph forearm
    Curly maple points with white blue white veneer
    Rings has all the rings even in the butt
    X2 shaft
    Email me and I'll send pic
    yes all 3 roll straight only selling because after 14 years new cue is on it's way feel free to call with questions 612-749-5111 Jayme
    Hi Duc ,

    not interested in one of this ? Maybe something to trade for ?
    Do you remember the donated DPK that you sold for me ?
    Is there any chance to get it back ?

    Best Markus
    HI - got your name as a suggestion on the forum. I'm looking to take a look and buy a unique cue, I don't want to order and wait - but I was hoping to be able to look at some cues you are looking to see if anything strikes me.

    I'm in Brewster, NY about an hour from the city, people also suggested I check out the Steinway tournament nights...


    I am looking for a Predator Sneaky Pete, the older one with the wood to wood joint. no collars. and a 314-2 shaft. might you have one?
    thanks for letting me know about mike.
    sent the omori cue blank, he's looking it over right now. :wink:
    hi Duc I send you message few days ago, and did not get answer from you, are you inerested in bilding cue, and if so what is your price

    thanks Jadran
    Impressive video on the bender/southwest vs the ghost. Makes me want to try a bender and order some of those hard tips you were using. What's the price on 10 of those 35nm layered tips shipped? Rick.
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