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    LD and Power

    I have a 13.2mm Predator 314-2 FAT shaft and I can feel that it doesn’t have the same “power” as my fat normal shafts on the same butt. It feels like it “buckles” a bit when the flex happens on power shots.
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    Laurie Franklin (Southwest Cues) just called....

    I have never owned one, but have hit with several. I never felt anything “special” about the way they played, but they are really well made.
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    Shaft Question - how to make slick and remove dry wood feel

    What was your best cue?
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    Shaft Question - how to make slick and remove dry wood feel

    If you are doing the sealing by hand, what do you use for a sealer?
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    Shooting gallery on youtube

    All of these movies are made for people who can’t play pool. I cringe every time I see one of them shoot a shot. They all look worse than APA-3s. It would be nice if they had technical directors who could at least teach them to “act” like they could hold a cue. If not that, do cutaways with...
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    Alf Taylor book.....??

    Alf, I am interested, too. I met your brother, Jack, when I was a teen working in the pool hall. He played some real good pool. Aloha
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    Dale Perry.... Is he shutting down?

    It has been a few years since I bought my one, and only, cue from him, but he told me that he made them himself (I.e., not made from Chinese blanks...).
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    Dale Perry.... Is he shutting down?

    I bought one from him and really liked the butt. The shaft was built nice but the wood seemed to be really soft and it dinged really easily. I sold the cue for what I paid for it. If I would have had an extra shaft laying around that would have fit it, I would have kept it.
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    who build custom sneakies

    I had Schmelke make me one with an ebony nose and a purple heart bottom.
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    Flying with your cue

    I was running through Heathrow Airport in UK with my Fellini back in January of 1990 and the airport police stopped me to see what was in my case. Back in those days, I never would have thought of not carrying my cue onboard the plane.
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    Flying with your cue

    Make something similar to this for a few bucks and check it in with your baggage. Make sure you wrap your cues in something before you place them in the cases...or fabricate some kind of liners and protectors.
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    Another cue ID

    Looks like an old ADAM.