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    Pro Golf meets Pool

    Maybe we, in the pool world, should ask Mr. Vijay Singh, currently ranked #1 in the WORLD male pro golfer, what he thinks we should do to bring Pool & Billiards, both amateur and professional, to the next level. After all, in the Friday, September 10, 2004 edition of USA TODAY, when asked what...
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    Opening New Pool Room

    Need help. Am considering opening a new 20+ table non alcohol/non smoking pool room in the southeast. Please post advice. We are just off a major interstate highway, near a huge military base, and right on the coast. Population base between 50,000 to 60,000 people currently. Quite a bit of...
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    Carolina Open

    Who is finer in Carolina? Anyone know tourney results yet? We had 69 players in Palm Harbor, Fl. on our FURY Amateur Tour Stop #13 this weekend. Just wrapping it up. Last 4 are Joey Landi, Robbie Bradshaw, Larry Walthall and Robert Noon.
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    Thanks for info on K. STEEL tables

    Thanks very much for your posts for info on Kim Steel pool tables. I'm about to buy a room full of them. Bringing another new pool room to the great state of Georgia. Wish me luck. hig3
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    kim steel pool tables

    Trying to get some info on the quality and playability of k. steel tables. Need help to find website for this company. Any help appreciated!! Also, please post what you personally think of their quality as a player and/or room owner.
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    KBP Fury Amateur 9-Ball Tour/June 19-20

    Check out this weekends Tour Stop #1 on our new Virginia/Tidewater Amateur 9-Ball Division. $1000 added. More info at our website
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    KBP Fury Amateur 9-Ball Tour/June 19-20

    Tour stop #1 at On Cue Sports Bar Greenville, NC-June 19-20-$1000. added promoted by Kings Bay Promotions, Inc. and FURY Cues Call room for more info. at 1-252-756-8474 or KBP at 1-877-328-7449 or (website at) Dont miss out on our season point race
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    Tournament Directors Needed/Amateur Tour

    To answer some of the questions about this post, Kings Bay Promotions, Inc. is home based out of Kingsland, Georgia and we are seeking tournament directors in all major cities in the U. S. In the future, a T.D. will be offered a franchise deal that will be very appealing. If you want to...
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    Tournament Directors Needed/Amateur Tour

    Kings Bay Promotions, Inc. looking for T. D.'s to expand our Amateur 9-Ball Tour. If interested, post here or email at Lets do this!!!!!
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    Florida Mens Pro Tour

    [B]Where Oh Where! Is The Florida Pro Tour Schedule For 2004?
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    Pool Room Package For Sale

    Pool Room Package For Sale-please View Under Wanted/for Sale
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    Florida Mens Pro Tour

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    Reed Pierce

    Hello all, My last thread request was about Scotty Townsend, road stories, past and present and it got a very large response. At last count there were 1532 hits and 47 replies. So I wanted to try again with Mr. Reed Pierce. The last time I personally saw him compete was at the 1995...
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    Scotty Townsend "update"

    Just wanted to post and say thanks to the many posters about stories concerning Scotty. There were some negative responses, however most were positive and interesting. He must have a good number of friends and fans out there, because when did the last post get over 1,000 hits and 40 some...
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    Florida Amateur 9-Ball Tour Season Finale

    Just wanted to remind everyone about our season finale event this weekend December 13 & 14 at Wally's Billiards in Lakeland, Fl. $1200. added. No pros or top regional tour players allowed. $40. entry fee plus $20. for non-tour members!