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    I sympathize with Billy Thorpe

    You know, I havent posted here in a while, but in my absence, you MFers have gotten really profound LOL. :ROFLMAO:
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    Would You Still Gamble With This Guy?

    Ah, sorry. Thanks. 6 Pages. Didnt read it all. Yeah, I wouldnt give up on this guy. You sound like the better and smarter player. Rob him.
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    Would You Still Gamble With This Guy?

    If he makes an illegal break, without the spot, you would normally either be able take ball in hand there or you break. Since you breaking isnt the option, why didnt you get ball in hand there?
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    The Queen's Gambit got me wondering...

    So if they can adapt a novel about Chess into an incredible series, wonder if they could do the same with pool. We all know that Walter Tevis wrote the novel for Queen's Gambit and he also wrote The Color of Money novel... would be cool if they did a series based on the Color of Money...
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    Fine Art thread of billiard portraits

    I'm trying to figure out if I had you blocked prior to the site change... like I really don't remember your posts. Did people get unblocked when the site changed?
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    No Spoilers on Threads during Mosconi Cup Please

    USA wins... I saw it when I fell out of my time machine this morning.
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    Coos Cues

    Nice looking cue.
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    Which players have you tried to "emulate"?

    Interesting. My hand subconsciously does what I guess I feel Im supposed to do. More touch shots seem to be open bridge... more power shots seem to be closed.
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    Which players have you tried to "emulate"?

    You don't use both depending on the shot/comfort/muscle memory/subconcious?
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    Queens Gambit - Netflix

    Binged the entire series today. Was a great and fast watch.
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    New AzB Platform.....

    I like the look and navigation of the old site, but I like some of the features of this site. I don't mind overall.
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    Tournaments where cues are supplied?

    Yeah, sounds awesome...
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    Tournaments where cues are supplied?

    Can the tournament director guarantee that all the cues will be the same? What if I got there 2 mins after everyone else and all that was left were the cues without tips?
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    Favorite method to keep bridge hand slick

    Wash hands with soap and water and dry them really well. Don't hold your cue by the shaft when waiting.