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    FS: 2 Predator cues. Revo & BK Rush.

    - Purple heart 4 point sneaky that I had dyed black with a matte lacquer finish with a unilock 12.4 Revo. - BK Rush without grip. - Predator 8" extension for playing cue included. (not pictured) Used. In great condition. I moved and the pool hall is too far. Haven't been used in a year. All...
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    Someone teaching himself to make a cue

    Regardless of if this is the right way or the wrong way, I commend anyone wanting to get out there and try something on their own and learn something new. This guy is making epoxy resin but sections that look pretty interesting. He's pairing them with already made shafts and selling them. He's...
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    Atlanta cue repair recommendations

    I'll be traveling to Atlanta for work this weekend and need three cues repaired. Any suggestions for a place to get the work done? New tip on Revo shaft. New tip and fiber pad on OB shaft. New G10 one tip or one piece tip ferrule on jump break cue. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks.
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    WTT: predator butt for predator butt

    I have a purpleheart SP4NWP roadline sneakypete butt with unilock joint. Used for a few days. It's 100% flawless. MSRP for the SP4NWP with shaft on is $499. I'm looking to trade that butt for the black Sport2 butt with unilock joint. MSRP on for the Sport2 with shaft...
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    Complete OB setup.

    Complete OB setup - reduced gone.........
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    FS: OB Lift jump cue

    1 piece butt. Retails for $143. New black model. Perfect condition. $120 shipping included to contiguous 48 states. PayPal friends and family is fine.
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    One pocket foul

    I've seen this played both ways locally so I'm just wondering which is correct. A or B? Assuming no other standard fouls were committed... If a ball is pocketed in one of the four non player pockets does that person (A) just spot the pocketed ball and it's the next players turn or (B) does the...
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    FS: Meucci with Ultimate Weapon Pro shaft

    SOLD Almost new Meucci cue (5 days old from receiving it in the mail). I'm done shooting with it. Low deflection shafts are just not for my playing style. It's ridiculously easy to spin the cue ball so I keep putting way too much English on every shot. I know that's a personal stroke issue and...
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    FS or trade: case, j/b, player

    Ahhhh....I posted this in the wrong area. Please move this to the For Sale section. Sorry :| - Never used 2x2 case. Only removed from plastic for pics. - New Rage 25oz jump break with phenolic top. Still in original packaging. - Used player's cue in good condition. No dings in the shaft but...
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    FS: lathe setup for tips/ferrules

    SOLD thanks AZ
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    FS: lathe set up for tips/ferrules

    sold thanks
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    need a conversion

    hello, i have a lathe set up to do shaft work but cannot do any precision work regarding butts. im needing a valey supreme (or similar) cut and matched with a new shaft. 3/8-10 pin. no ring, inlay, or finish work. purely plane-jane. needs to be 60inches. and no ferrule or tip work, i am...
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    [FS] package lot

    hey guys, havnt posted here in a long time. we all know the economy sucks, i got laid off in may. i have decided to go to college and i am needing money for my books this semester. its much cheaper to play my guitar than pool. if i want to play some pool ill shoot off the wall, for sale is...
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    WTB cheap case

    i bought a nice case on here pretty cheap and now my friend wants a bigger one. hes looking for at least a 3x3. new or used. less than $50. PM me with offers please...i dont get online every day anymore so it may take a day or 2 to respond.... Thanks, Jay