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Regardless of if this is the right way or the wrong way, I commend anyone wanting to get out there and try something on their own and learn something new. This guy is making epoxy resin but sections that look pretty interesting. He's pairing them with already made shafts and selling them. He's made a few so far with good results and started a $15 raffle for another one to help fund a larger shop. It's an interesting enough concept that I figured I'd share a link.

Video of his most recent cue build:

I know raffles are banned in the For Sale section but I'm not sure if posting a link to a raffle on a maker's site is allowed or not. Feel free to remove this thread if it doesn't meet community guidelines. Link to his raffle:

Image of his recent cue:


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15:22 minutes of my life that I will never get back....and I am glad I won't! Very cool cue and a well made video. I make a few cues myself in a small shop and have learned all the things you talked about. I really dig the wood chip/epoxy cue butt and found the compression chamber very interesting.
I also enjoyed the way you made the video.

I also use a wood lathe on my cues, I thought I was the only one!

Thanks for the link:cool:
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