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    Ft Lauderdale, FL

    I'll be coming to Ft Lauderdale in April. A few questions: Currently planning on spending a couple nights here: Embassy Suites Fort Lauderdale - 17th Street 1100 SE 17th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316 Is that an ok area? Any pool halls close? Any suggestions for things I...
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    Chicago Midway Area

    Search doesnt work on my phone. Stuck in Chicago cuz of weather. Any pool close to midway? Jim
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    I'll be in Boston Monday and Tuesday, October 3rd and 4th for work. Staying at Boston Marriott Long Wharf, 296 State Street Any pool close??? Jim
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    A simple request....

    This site is awesome! Lots of great info, and civil discussion for the most part. I have a simple request. For those of you that haven't already done so, could you : Go to the USER CONTROL PANEL (User CP link in upper left). Click on the "Edit Your Details" link under "Your Profile" on the...
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    Home players in Minneapolis area...

    I play in an M8 league one night a week (Thursday). I'm debating playing another night, but I thought I'd check to see if any interest from others in playing each other at home. I have a table at home. If enough interest and others have tables at home, we could set up a schedule...