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    What tournaments get included in the AZ Billiards people database

    I am only a "D" player who plays mainly in leagues, APA, NAPL, & 14.1 leagues. Occasionally I play in tournaments, local house tournaments and tours such as the Predator & Tri-State. Just for a lark I put my name in the people search here at AZ Billiards. Never expected to ever be in it...
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    Anyone ever seen Russian Pyramid Billiards?

    This weekend Tony Robles' Predator Tour was at Boardwalk Billiards in Brighton Beach Brooklyn. Brighton Beach is a very heavily Russian neighborhood of NYC. When I walked in I noticed a bunch of 12 foot snooker type tables. The owner said it was for Russian Pyramid Billiards. The balls were...
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    Anyone know which pros are playing this year at the Expo?

    Anyone know which pros are playing this year at the Expo? The website lists all the registered amateurs but not the pros.
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    New room in Nanuet, NY, just opened for the Predator Tour

    Just got home from the Predator Tour at the Spot, a brand spanking new pool room in Nanuet NY. (Eliminated early, LOL) I have to say it's an absolutely gorgeous room. All Diamond tables including 5 Diamond barboxes, I guess for APA. Coming from Long Island I had no idea where Nanuet was, I...
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    Opinions? Should I have won this game or lost? League operator ruled against me.

    I kind of agree with the official ruling by the league operator but I'd like to hear some opinions here. OK heres the situation. NAPL individual 9 ball league, Due to the handicap I get 3 games on the wire and the eight ball. The nine (or in my case the 8 or 9) must be called but if it's an...
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    Help please, I can always take advice and criticism

    Hi. I am only a "D" player, recently dropped from a D+ to a D. I'm also just a "3" in APA. I recently set up my I Phone toward the table when I practiced. No specific rotation, just trying to make balls. I can use some advice on my stroke, stance, bridge, etc and anything else I'm either...
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    Who's playing in today's Joss Tour at Raxx?

    I am planning on practicing all day at another room (either Bay Shore, The Hub, or Amsterdam in the city) but if there are some good name pros at the Joss I'll go over there instead to watch. I assume the big names are on their way back from the US Open. I missed it yesterday as I played in...
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    Although not a big APA fan I actually like the APA 9 Ball concept

    OK, I'm not a big APA fan, I find it more a social club to hang out and drink than real pool. The matches are too short and the nights too long. You play for 20 minutes then sit and watch for two hours. I don't like slop in 8 ball and not calling the 9 in 9 ball. I like individual leagues...
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    Fast 9 Ball rule question

    If the cue ball gets pocketed during a pushout does that count as a foul towards three fouls?
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    How would you handle this?

    You just execute a good safety and say to your opponent "You're on two". He says "no I'm not". You explain his last foul and how he gave you ball in hand. He then tells you you're wrong, he made a good shot between fouls. Neither of you are lying. You both believe you are right. This...
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    Rooms in or near Lake George?

    Staying in Lake George this weekend to play the horses in Saratoga during the day. I'd like to play pool in the evening. On the net it seems like King Smiley Billiards in Fort Edward is the closest. Anyone know of the place. Is it family friendly to bring my 12 yr old son? Any closer rooms...
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    Interesting observation in an old Mosconi vs Fats video

    While watching an old video on YouTube between Mosconi and Minnesota Fats with Howard Cosell announcing I noticed something very obvious. I admit I only watched the 9 Ball competition so far. In the whole 9 Ball match there was not one safety. No defense at all. Both players attempted to...
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    Opinion question on sportsmanship

    I have read many times that it's good sportsmanship to admit a foul if your opponent didn't catch it and I agree with that. So I was wondering, if you make a second consecutive foul and your opponent doesn't realize it, is it poor sportsmanship if you play dumb and don't tell your opponent that...
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    Help! The initial break in straight pool, what am I doing wrong?

    Hi, In my initial break in straight pool (not a break shot when a ball is left) but the break at the beginning of the game, I aim for the corner ball like everyone else, but invariably one of three things happen: 1, I scratch in the corner and lose a point 2. I fail to have two balls and the cue...
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    Can anyone explain this?

    In this video at approx 17:30, the fifth game Jasmin Ouschan gets a ball in on the break yet sits down and her opponent gets up to shoot. It was no foul as it wasn't ball in hand. I doubt both Jasmin and the ref missed the fact the 5 went in the...