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    Case and Proline Cue - Cheap

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here for a long time. I collected cues and played from high school through college but then took about a 10 year break. I was cleaning out our house today and came across these 2 items which honestly not sure if they are worth anything. If you guys will let me...
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    Mahogany Pool Table 8.5 Foot - $400 (West LA)

    I'm selling a solid mahogany pool table. It is in between the home and professional size at 4.25 by 8.5 feet. The pockets were recently replaced with new leather drop pockets. Included is a pool table cover, a set of Aramith Premier Beligan pool balls, a rack for cues (needs repair), and some...
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    WTB cheap 3/8-10 plain JPs

    Know there was a post selling cheap JPs for like a few bucks but couldn't find it . Would love a set
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    WTB: traditional looking cue for $500 shipped or less

    Looking for a 4 point or conversion cue with a Wrap of some kind. Must be 58'' and have at least 1 shaft that is 12.8 to 13mm. Prefer something in the 19 to 19.5 oz range. Like traditional looking cues. Can spend $500 shipped at most. let's see what you guys have...
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    FS Skip Weston 06' 4 Point Cue with Lots of Inlays

    I have a 2006 Skip Weston for sale. Just got this in a trade and would love to keep it but finances right now don't allow that. 4 points of ebony into birdseye maple. 4 veneers (natural, orange, red, and black inside to outside). 24 Mother of Pearl inlays (dot, slotted diamond, and dot in...
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    Tim Scruggs Curly Maple Plane Jane

    Just received this Scruggs in a trade. Here are some photos. I'm not sure of the weight but it feels close to all my other cues at around 19.3. It comes with 2 Scruggs shafts with maple stitch rings, both roll very straight. The tip diameters are 12.3mm and 13.5mm. The butt has a very...
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    WTT 2 for 1 ...Fancy Buss and Jim Baxter 8 point

    Looking for a trade for 1 nice playing cue. Doesn't have to be fancy, I prefer 4 point 4 veneer cues from well known cue makers. Can add a little cash for the right trade. Send me some offers. Buss - 59.5 inches. 4 points, 4 veneers, 8 ivory spears. 19.3 oz. 2 shafts with ivory ferrules...
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    WTB Cheap Break Cue with Wrap

    Would like to purchase a break cue with a wrap.. prefer rubber or leather to linen but need some type of wrap. Does not have to be a break/jump but will consider those as well. Would like to stay at or under $100. What do you guys have??
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    FSOT: Jim Baxter 8 Point Propeller Cue

    Jim Baxter 8 point 1 of 1 Propeller Cue made from a Prather blank. Ivory Joint collar with brass 3/8-10 pin. 2 shafts with original tips still on. The butt just got back from a refinish with Jim. Black antique lizard wrap put on by Jim Lee. I love this cue and played with it for a while but...
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    WTB: 5/16-14 Tim Scruggs shaft

    must be straight. 5/16 - 14 piloted TS shaft. 12.7 to 13mm Would prefer the stitched collar with 18 maple stitches but any collar would be okay. Let me know what you have.
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    best cue ball

    PLayed for a few hours last night with an Aramith Pro Cup measled cue ball that someone brought to the pool hall. Really loved the way it felt coming off my cue and being able to see some of the spin. Do you guys bring your own cue to the PH? What's the best cue ball to buy?
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    WTB: Joint Protectors for 5/16-14 Piloted

    What do you guys have? I'm interested in 1 butt 2 shaft caps for a 5/16-14 Piloted Scruggs cue. Attached is a photo of the cue. Ebony JPs would work as would anything with maple stitch rings. I'm looking into getting something simple made as well but if someone has JPs available, it'd be...
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    JossWests How do these auctions keep slipping by me. I've been checking ebay every half hour for the last few days and somehow I never saw this until I looked on 'completed'. Anyone out...
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    Educate me in Joints and Pins

    I've been browsing a lot and sort of confused about the nomenclature for joints and pins.. I gather that there are many different screw sizes for the pin and that the joint can be several different types. can anyone illustrate with some pictures what a wood to wood, flat faced, sleeved, and...
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    Looking to put myself on a waiting list.. advice

    Thanks, looks like Southwest is out. Most interested in Tascarella and Hercek, wait list times and whether a cue can be built for me under 4K