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  • Here rains, dampness. Work goes slowly, unfortunately :frown:. I wanted to show 2-3 cues in process already about 2-3 weeks ago, but is not ready yet.
    Write please more in detail by the е-mail when you plan parcels? What novelties you have, how are you, etc.? I'll be glad :thumbup:.
    Good luck, Dmitry
    One package is already sent? I have not understood, sorry. Please, write more in detail by е-mail.
    Oh, no, I did not send the address still, ... or sent? I do not remember:confused:.
    1 foot = 12 inches? Then it is better to cut on pieces 26 inches and 22 inches.
    Good luck, Dmitry.
    Hi Jim. Oh, I regret. Truck is almost the friend.:frown: I hope it will quickly recover.
    I wait for news.
    Give me please the link on the e-bay action. Just curiosity;)
    Good luck, Dmitry
    Here already tomorrow and at you it will be only in 14 hours:). We lives almost opposite each other, only on the different sides of the Earth:thumbup:. Now here 1:45 in the night. I returned from workshop only two hours back. Tired a little. I'll write the list in the morning (or in the evening for you:)). OK? Good luck. Dmitry
    Hi Jim. I shall try to write the list today. Difference of time between us is minus 11 hours. For example if New York time 11 am (11:00 ) June, 19 here 10 pm (22:00) June, 20. Dmitry
    Jim, If you remove the pins then you can turn it 90 degrees. You will need a slightly longer screw and mount it using one of the holes that a pin was in and one next to it. That is a design flaw that I will address on the next run. Thanks a Million!! Todd
    Moory M, About Kamui is necessary to me to specify tomorrow. OK? Now I go to sleep, sorry, night here already :)
    Great!!! It is good news. Thanks. I wait е-mail from you with answers to my questions. Then I can make a decision. Once again many thanks. Good luck, Dmitry
    Thanks. Not pins but black G-10 rolled rod 0.40"-0.44" (10-11 mm) diameter. We can make pins here.
    I have sent е-mail to you on June, 27. Please check up. Good luck, Dmitry
    Thanks. Excuse for long silence, had some problems in workshop with electricity. Now it is necessary to catch up with the schedule. I shall write soon more in detail. Once again thanks. Good luck, Dmitry
    let me know when it's done. i've marked u down as paid in the raffle, it's happening on tuesday. if u need pics of the mottey let me know and i'll go take some.
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