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    Hey AZ I’m Back! Any players in Bangkok?

    Hey AZers! It’s been a while since I logged on...probably 4 years or so...surprise that my account is still active!:thumbup: Took a hiatus from pool but I think the bug is coming back.. Recently relocated to Bangkok, Thailand and looking to meet some new friends to shoot pool with. Anyone?
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    :: AZ Meet Up :: 2016 Jan - Cologne, Germany & Las Vegas

    Hey Guys, I have a work trip in January and was wondering if any fellow AZers would like to meet up. 20th - 23rd January: Cologne, Germany 23rd - 26th January: Las Vegas I'll mostly likely bring a Zen Cue with me, so if anybody who wants to try a Zen Cue just drop me an email...
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    :: The Oriental Bling Master :: Cue that Blinds!!!

    It's been a while since i last posted any cue, been too busy with work although i've been travelling quite bit more and meeting more AZers along the way. A very familiar tube showed up... Here's the gem that's inside:
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    :: AZ Meet-Up @ Tokyo - 7th to 12th Nov ::

    I'm gonna be in Tokyo from the 7th - 12th of Nov. Any fellow AZer wanna meet and shoot some? My email's
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    :: Meeting & Shooting :: Octotber @ Hight Point,NC - Chicago - Bangalore, India..

    I'll be in: High Point, NC from 17th-20th Chicago from 20th - 22nd Bangalore, India from 28th - 31st Was wondering if anybody who wants to meet up grab a beer and shoot some pool. I don't gamble but for the fun of it I'll could play for beer or table time :) I know John@Redshoes in Chicago so...
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    :: Fancy Zen Cue @ NYC and Vegas - July & August ::

    Hey Guys, I'll be travelling to New York and Las Vegas from the 26th July - 3rd August, i'll have a Zen Cue with me. This is not a new cue, just an old player of mine and i'm not a Zen Cue Dealer...just that whenever i post pic of his cues i see people who are interested and i figured it'd...
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    :: AZ New Yorkers!! :: 26th or 27th July - Meet up?

    Fellow AZers, I'll be in New York from the 26th July to 1st August but tentatively i might only be available on the 26th and 27th, let me know if anyone's interested in meeting up. Most likely i'll be bringing a Zen Cue.
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    :: Warning!! :: Don't visit Red Shoes @ Chicago ! Unless.....

    Unless you want to shoot pool in a Really Nice Pool Hall with Great People around and Well Kept Tables!! Seriously...I've heard so many people warn me about going to Red Shoes like I was gonna leave the place broke and naked...I mean I appreciate the heads up guys but I think all the worries...
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    :: 24 Points + Silver Inlayed Ringwork // Zen Travel Cue ::

    I posted on the Main Forum about my upcoming trip to Japan, States and Canada and will be bringing a Zen Cue with me. So Zen made me this travel cue specifically for this trip cos I won't want to travel with anything that's got ivory especially since I've that many connecting flights. Very...
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    AZers in Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto and Quebec?

    I've a work trip coming up in June and will be free on some evenings. I'll be in Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto and Quebec. Was wondering if there would be any AZers who'd be interested in meeting up and maybe shoot some. I'll be bringing a Zen cue with me for those who'd be interested in trying...
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    :: Pimp'ma Cue!! - The Golden Signature of Approval ::

    So i was at Zen's shop yesterday and he told me he bought a new toy for signing his higher end cues (strictly so..). First thing that came up my mind was he's doing some fancy inlay of his name so i was thinking some fancy high tech CNC that he's got. Then i told him i happen to have a fancy...
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    :: 2015 SBE - Zen Cues Preview ::

    It's been a while since i posted here... just too much things going on so cues and pool took a back seat for a bit. Anyhow Zen made a couple of really cool cues for SBE this year and i feel obligated to share these beauties with AZ. He didn't go crazy with all the fancy stuff like past years...
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    :: Zen Cues :: 2 Cues that travelled around the world with me...

    I know i must've posted random pictures of these cues here and there over the past 2 weeks but i finally made it home and am able to do them just justice by taking some decent pictures of them which i think they fully deserve as they're absolutely gorgeous. Early January this year i told Zen...
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    Pool in Montreal?

    Hey AZers, I'm flying into Montreal now and was wondering if there's any fellow AZers there or if there's a nice place to shoot some pool that you'd recommend. Thanks! Jive
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    :: Oriental Tuxedo Cue with Silver Armor - Zen Cues ::

    I think I posted pictures of this cue here and there but nothing was detailed so here it is. Was bored in the hotel this morning and decided to see how good the iPhone camera is and I'm pleasantly surprise. And now I'm bored in the plane with 8 more hours to go before I arrive in CA and with...