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  • I was wondering if you ever sold the Archie Karas Barbell Ginacue? I have the same Ginacue was made in 88-89 according to Ernie from the serial number on it. Was trying to figure out what the value might be. mint condition hasn't touched a ball since 1992 and wasn't used a lot before that. Thanks for any info you can give. Steve
    Bouska jump cue is long gone but if you have a chance pick one up they are monster jumpers.
    Dear Jim,
    The Schon Unique I bought from you, finally arrived. I went straight to the Pool Hall and shooted my first racks with it. This Schon is not only a real great player, but it is also a real beauty! I also bought a brand new 314-2 shaft for it. But till now I prefere the Schon IV shaft which came with it!
    jmurphy = a fair and serviable seller with rare high end cues att low prices! A kindly person who will help you, also after the deal has been done. What you get from him will be more worth than what you paid for! Thanks a lot for the Schon and your efforts! Kind regards from a satisfied customer. From Switzerland, Al Capool
    I was wandering if you still have the Giant Killer (David Howard) cue? If so, would you consider selling?
    hey Bro.,, i am in san jose.. jones on playing some pool!!!!! you still in vegas??? let me know when you are coming back this way!!!!
    I would very much like to purchase this cue but would have to wait a couple of weeks till my check arrives if at that time the cue is still available I am willing to buy it off of you
    70's Joss West (Bill Stroud) cue w/ 2 shafts (iv ferrules) - great condition - exactly as described - instantaneous shipping (received within 48 hrs) - trustworthy, friendly seller A++++++. THANKS JIM....Matt
    Schon Elite received in as new condition, Looks better in person!! Thanks Again for a great transaction. I will deal with you anytime in good faith, Thanks Again. Roy
    I just noticed the weight. I would have purchased if heavier. Nice cur and very fair price.
    look at post #8 in your tip thread, i gave you the best advice possible IMO

    hope it helps, best of luck

    Thank You, This is my favorite style, we have many different exotic woods, and look forward to doing a set for you. Thanks jim
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