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  • Hi Joe. Sorry to contact you on the forum, but I'm interested in your magic eye trainer. I couldn't find it on your site, do you still offer it? PM me for my email if you'd rather converse that way. Thanks.
    Awesome... this is the time of years for Orlando... Good luck with the golf game. Let me know if you need any help, maybe I'll chaeck out your swing when you come down... Golf was my expertise and why I moved here to give my playing career another shot but injury killed that so now I play 3 or 4 time a year... oh well. take care
    How is it back home? When I left, seemed like everything was closing down.. i heard Snookers even moved but is doing better in its new location? How's your game? Playing much? With the dedication and passion your have for the game, I can only hope the best is coming your way..
    Kinda hard to tell... league wise there is a lot more to choose from but I imagine that cause central florida is twice the size of RI- I hear there several pros and cuemakers that reside around here. Just starting to scope out the tournament scene. I hear there is more actions over by Tampa but their is this new place that just opened called CuePhoria, right here in Orlando that boasts about their table selection, Gold Crown, Diamond and a 3 cushion table and apparently the owner, Fahid, is very cautiously promoting gambling. He has an in house 10-ball league, I hear is attracting the better players in the area, so for now that seems to be the spot for the big boys...

    From what I can see though, the attitude down here, at least with league players, is so much better than back home. Folks down here actually care about playing pool, improving and seeing each other get better as opposed to caring about who is sandbagging their skill level and fighting over silly league
    Hey Joe!!! Long time... Haven't seen you since the days when you'd come by Chalks.. I'm down in Central florida now for the past few years and finally playing pool again... Thanks for all your help, tip and suggestions... I've been talking up your aiming system and racking secrets video down here because I get asked a lot how I can consistenly make those "tough cuts" and so many 8's on the snap...

    Todd Richards
    Hi Joe, need all your pertinant info for upcoming tournaments and notifications. I'm taking over Jerry Forsyth's job for the BCA. Address, email address, phone #s all apprecitated.

    Thanks, Danny Kuykendall
    Hey Joe,
    I have your Guaranteed improvement book & Video & 3rd eye Aim trainer. Love the drills and they have certainly helped me to make improvements even though I haven't mastered any of them yet. I also bought your "Aiming by the numbers" system. It's a great concept, but a video would be very helpful. The print in the little instruction booklet is very small and I think I must be getting old, cause I am having trouble reading the small print. Will you be putting out a video to compliment this system any time soon? You can count me in if you do. Thanks for putting out greta stuff! ---Bill
    Hi JoeT, If my memory is correct, awhile back you posted about a great book on Mental toughness, Do you remember the Title? I beleive it was a golf book? If I am correct, Could you PM me title, If you get a chance. I searched the forums but I could not find it.
    You just tappem in and freeze everything. Tap them row by row, first the 1 ball then the 2 balls behind the one then the middle row, then the 2 balls behid the 9 then the last ball. Tappem and rack'em by hand.
    Good Luck
    hey joe i was wondering if you could send me a link or tell me how to rack 9ball by hand like you had in your video where you were running racks.

    i saw it in another video of a guy practicing in Japan. how do you make the wing ball dead? do you have to do something to the table to get the balls to freeze? ??/
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