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  • Dear friend!
    Please go here http://wh.gov/5Jmn to sign a petition to the White House, calling for them to investigate and condemn forced organ harvesting in China. Although the 25,000 signatures have been reached, but some signatures on the petition may come from CCP agents. We just have 3 days more, so your sign is extremely important for us right now.
    Thank you very much!

    Video The Messenger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUt3A55e_pA

    I'm not sure when your driving through Louisville tomorrow. I'll be off work at 6pm est. If you want stop off let me know. I'll be in New Albany Indiana which is about 15-20 min from Louisville, Kentucky.
    Joey...sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I totally forget to check these visitor messages. Anyways, here is Cory's basic pricing structure. Add up your cue and the options, and you can see what it would have been new, and go from there...example:
    basic cue w/2 shafts ($750) + 5 points ($50 ea = $250) = $1000. Add rings, Hoppe ring, any other option, etc.
    General pricing:
    base cue w/ irish linen wrap and 20 pc silver rings (100 total)at all locations and 2 shafts $750 or $575 w/ 1 shaft
    deduct $100 w/o silver rings
    extra shafts are $175
    leather wrap is $50 extra at time of purchase
    exotic wood handles por usually $50 and up
    add $50 for ebony forearm
    points $50 each (I usually do 5 point cues)
    60 pc silver rings are $150 each
    60pc silver and abalone or mop rings are $200 each
    ivory joint $150 extra
    ivory butt cap $250 extra
    ivory ferrules $50 extra
    ivory hoppe ring $100
    Inlays start at $20 each
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