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  • Do you have any interest in a high dollar Russ Espiritu cue, if so my name is Tony and I can text you some pictures 602-518-4053 I won it in a raffle 13 years ago at the Riviera when the Bca was still there, 2 shafts mint condition, rotting in my closet, thanks Tony
    Hey i checked out your website any ideal when the murrell cues will arrive. Thanks tim you can call me at 404-538-3375. Thanks tim
    I saw where you post that you are a Cory Barnhart dealer. I have what I think is a quick question. Does he sign any cues "Cory". There is a man selling a cue signed that way that looks like a Barnhart, small dots for ring work and a slight tapper butt cap.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

    I definitely should have looked at your collection first. You have a seemingly endless supply of nice cues.
    Hi Joe,
    Can you please provide me with a little history on the early Schon cue you sold to Barry Chance that had the word hammer on it? Barry said the owner was a friend of yours.
    Thanks, Jerry in Texas
    Hi Joe, Dave in ohio here.....looking for a couple of things.....1st, uni-loc joint for my pred. sneaky pete......2nd,, I would like to try a rick howard cue....if the price is right....I heard they hit pretty solid and thats what I like......
    Just wondering.....
    thanks Joe

    Joe,Hi,Mike Sellers here.You may not remember me.You sold some cues for me when my son came unglued a few ears go and i needed kick money for his drug rehab costs.I quit playing for several years and sold everything my son didn't steal from me.Just wanted to say hi and thanks for being a friend when i was selling the cues.I have bought a couple of Scruggs cues back(Tim and i remained personal friends and speak by phone regularly.He's had a rough last few years).Hope you have been well.Mike Sellers
    Joe, hey just so u know still trying to replace my barnhart desperately....that 4 pointer would of been nice player.., is it gone. U have any thing else or any leads? Also the barnhart on cornerstone in 1000-1500 range is curly purple heart on forearm and been there forever....u think the Ph would make for a less firm hitting cue? Can't figure why it's been f/s for so long, also the Pete olmen cue that's pink ivory wood?? That's right below the barnhart. Ty, need a barnhart in my life, James:)
    Hello I bought a cue from u a couple of years ago, it was a murrell with tulip and ebony points. I no longer play or collect cues and was wondering if u might b interested in buy it or my nitti player. I gave u 800.00 for the murrell would take 500.00 obo , gave 1200.00 for the nitti would take 750.00 obo. Thanks for your time.
    Ray...I am not doing anything with cues/repairs anymore. Only person I know doing it right now is Mike Seigel at Champions...

    Good to hear from you...yes, I knew about All Stars closing...damned shame.
    Hi Joe. It's Ray Woodford. I guess you are still up in Hagerstown? As you know, All Stars shut down and I don't know where to find anyone who puts cue tips on. Could you put some tips on for me? I would drive up there if you could put them on after I arrive.

    Thanks, Ray
    Hello Joe, Mark St. Germain here in N. CA. I think you may have done business with "DJAY CUEs" and just wanted someone to vouch for him as he is in the Netherlands. I was thinking of putting an offer on that wrapless Mcdermott cue he posted.

    Thanks Mark
    is to late to make an offer i sure would like to take that cue off your hands sent you a message last night.if not can you get me in touch with the cue maker for something similar.

    Shayne Waltrip
    Joe, if you would like to see that wrapless SW, lil John sent me the pics he received. Not bad looking, but also not the best I've seen.
    got the money order joe. Gonna ship out tomorrow. will message you the info when I get back from the post office tomorrow. Enjoy the cue...that was my first custom made for me and judd said its his most favorite jt1 hes ever made to date. My baby : ( hahaha...I hope its next hope treats it as well as I did
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