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  • hey joey,

    Sorry to hear about your surgery, hope everything goes well with it. The most effective way I've found to play with one arm is to grip the cue not at the balance point like everyone says but about an inch or two behind it so the weight of the cue is pulling it down and forward. I lock my elbow and try not to use it, the stroke is done with the shoulder and I hold the cue above and behind the object ball and then the stroke is done by dropping and swinging the cue forward. If someone tries to control or direct the tip with their arm muscles the accuracy goes way down. Even though people try to control the tip with their hands and their elbow, I don't think it can be done as accurately as simply dropping and swinging the cue forward. Hopefully some of those tips will help you out. Let me know if I was confusing or you have any other questions. Good luck and have fun.
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