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  • H Jesse,
    On your avatar picture it looks like you're making a jumpshot one handed and (as that wouldn't be enough) you also doing this behind your back?!
    If this is the truth, do you installed something like a rail on your back, to guide your cue? Not serious, just kidding around!
    If I' am right, I would just do 2 things: Clapping in my hands and then shut up a while ... !
    But I would still like to know, how are you aiming during this shot? Does it works only for some short jumps, where you wouldn't have to be very very precise! Am I right?
    Anyway I'll send you for sure a very big compliment, from Switzerland!
    Kind regards, al.capool
    P.S. Sorry for my Swiss influenced english
    Hey Jesse,
    Just wondering if you could give me a couple tips about playing one handed.
    I'm having surgery on my right arm, luckily I'm lefty. If you could give me a few tips I'd really appreciate it. I'm ok using the rail, but jacked up is hard for me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Joe
    Hey jesse, I am gonna play in the Wild Horse Shotout Main Event November 13th/14th. Wish me luck. Oh by the way, my phone got jacked so PM me your number again
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