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  • I did a search on Wayne Norcross and found the posts from you and others that knew him. He taught me and a friend of mine a great deal about 14.1. The best part was listening to him talk about his pool playing experiences. We became friends. After moving to Texas, I would send him a Christmas card and then he would call me. Then I didn't get a call. Later, his wife sent me a note letting me know that he had passed after suffering from Alzheimer's. He was a fine man and a joy to be around.

    He gave a couple of pictures of him at one of the 14.1 tournaments. He said that he was so focused on his play that he didn't see his wife and son sitting in the first row next to the table he was playing.

    I was sorry to learn that you had taken down the videos you had posted.

    My friend that took the lessons with made made some videos of the our time with Wayne. He said that he would post them.

    John Miller
    San Antonio, TX

    So very sorry I missed your birthday greetings to me. I never look for messages. Oh well.

    By the way, we miss you here.

    Wishing you a day filled with joy today and every day hereafter.

    Eric: Sorry I didn't see your note earlier. Shirley and I have been to Vegas a few times for the SEMA show.
    I'm out making new friends for the new year here on AZB, So I am just asking for your friend ship, If your ever in vegas please let me know.

    happy new year!!!!

    Eric :)
    Hello, Eric. I quit cold turkey in 2015, to spend time with my wife and work on my business. She prayed I would quit, but never said a word about it to me, even though I was spending 20 hours per week at DannyK's.

    She died Monday, one week after we celebrated our 46th anniversary. Her breast cancer came back and attacked her spine, leaving her bedridden the last three years. I miss her so much.
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