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    Expect to pay more .

    I own a small trucking company (since 2008) and this has been in the works for years. COVID put it over the top. We pull mainly refrigerated trailers for context. Back in 2017 (I believe, maybe 2018) the DOT mandated E-Logs and that pushed out some of the old timers. Insurance has been on a...
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    Pool player gone missing after BCA Nationals

    FOUND AND SAFE. THANKS!!!! Guy from my town has gone missing after BCA Nationals at the Rio. He was s player and ref. If you’re in Vegas please keep an eye out. Thank you
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    8ball teams & 9ball teams

    I see these events overlap one another. Can you play both without possibility of having to forfeit in one or the other? Just checking before I sign up for both and have a potential problem. Thanks
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    BCA 8ball rules question

    Player A breaks and doesn't make anything but thinks he does. Proceeds to shoot in 2 balls at which point the opponent tells him he didn't make anything on the break. What is the call? Fortunately our league is filled with most chill people and both agreed to simply restart the game but I'm...
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    APA Rule question.

    I was playing league the other night & our opponent did this a couple times. Now, I'm not a letter of the law guy, and quite frankly could care less on a league night but am curious for Nationals upcoming. Used a bridge like this. I asked a guy who is a league rep last night and he said it was...
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    APA Vegas

    I'll be there from Wednesday August 10th thru Friday August19th. Staying at the Westgate. I play pool ok but drink & gamble wth the best of em. Would like to meet up with some AZ'ers. Who else is going?
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    Pool Hall in Lake Havasu???

    I came to Lake Havasu with a bunch of F'ing squares & dinner/movie not my idea of an F'ing vacation. So F them all, I'd rather go hit some balls. Any pool halls/AZ'ers here?
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    FargoRate for BCA Nationals?

    I run a little BCA league and had a player inquire if our results were being inputted into FargoRate "because this year there was going to be a team total max." This was news to me and I just watched the CSI Podcast 17 from November 2015 and it wasn't mentioned in there. Maybe my league player...
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    Social Pool

    How do you approach pool in a social setting? I don't want to (and don't) take it too serious but the older I get the more I find this is more often than not how I play most of my pool. It then kind of let's bad/lazy habits kick in and the next thing I know my game is down. The last thing I want...
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    Seattle / Tacoma

    I'm going to be in Seattle for a couple days and Tacoma for a couple days in September and was wanting to check out the pool halls. Any info would be appreciated.
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    Derby City must do's

    If one could only go to Derby City for a weekend, which weekend would you say and what would be the must-do's while there?
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    BCA Rule

    Player A(Joe) from Team A asks player from Team B(Billy, this person wasn't playing) to watch the hit. Apparently, it was CLEARLY a foul so Billy doesn't say anything as it was so obviously a foul. Now, the person from Team B(Fred) playing approaches the table and isn't taking ball in hand. At...
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    Tourney format

    Playing in a $10 buy in APA tourney w/ $1000 added & trip to Vegas for 2 for winner + $550. It is bracketed by skill levels(not blind draw) & most 7's are complaining about it. I understand why they doing cause most the 2,3,4's wouldn't show up next time if they had to start against a 7. Some...
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    US Amateur Championship

    According to the paperwork Players Registration is Friday November 9th at 9am-10am & play starts and 10:30am. For anyone who has ever played or is in the know, do you have to be there for player registration if you're already qualified and paid? How is the tournament run, as in, is Friday going...
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    Cue table problem with Mac

    I've got a Mac and when I try and open a thread with a cue table layout it says: Need to open in 32 bit. It tells me to go to Safari/App and then more info and change to 32 bit but I don't see where I do this. I'm not very computer literate, obviously, and want to know how to do this and what...