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  • Hi Josh...sorry man, I just now saw your message to me. I had many, many Black Boars. When I left there I had an amazing piece that Tony Jr. and I designed and built but got disenchanted with the entire industry and sold it to a gent in Norfolk, VA along with the most gorgeous Whitten case you've ever seen. I fell on hard times and several years later asked Tony to make me a plain Jane which he did. A few years after that I had a meltdown of epic proportions and had no choice but to sell it and I haven't played since. It's been at least 10 or 12 years now.....actually closer to 14 since I hit a ball.
    Concerns thread: Need help to identify a Schon Unique (Cue Reviews)

    Dear Josh,
    I really have to excuse me that I had so many doubts, about the things you said concerning my cue!

    But to me it wasn't also easy at all to know, to who I should believe to. When I had 18 replies in this thread about the Identity of my cue!
    Actually you were the only one who was absolutely right! Even about 3 things, concerning my cue:
    1. It really was made for Terry Romines himself!
    2. Because of that my Schön Unique has no Number at all!
    3. Sadly I also must admit it has exactly the same pattern, as the Elite 59. Just made of other materials!

    Just yesterday, I finally have got (after 2 months of waiting) an answer from John Fuhrman of concerning the Identity of my Schön Unique.

    That cue was not given a number. It was made for the owner Terry Romines in 2011. At some before he passed it was sold off.

    KR, Roberto
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