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  • Kevin I dont know Glen but I have read many of his helpful posts. I wanted to add to this post with a comment or two but I dont know how to post with quotes. One would be quoting you from 558 re: your whack-a-mole and one would be from leto 1776 in post 589 telling Glen to get back to work and not spend so much time typing. My comment would be both quotes with "Yes Glen quit Bashing your Bishop and get back to work".
    Kevin; Mike DeWeese here, from N.Cal. we have talked before. I currently have a Gina titlist conversion like Billy Pense's. Refinished by Ernie with two new and two old shafts. What do you think the market would be like know. I have had it since the 70s.
    hey kevin, what does a guy have to do to get one of thhose Ginacue tee shirts?
    Im sorry I think I have you confused with someone else. There is a cue maker in Georgia and his name is Kevin Wright. I assumed that you were him by your screen name and that you are always dealing with cues. Im Sorry if I have bothered you.
    i came up with another plan, its a secret now, if it works its gonna be cool.

    I dont know how to use Ebay, I know thats lame but its the truth,

    I appericate your input, I love your new cue,

    i want to dump my ivory Gina, i cant give it away, you have any good ideas???I hate it

    your new one wit hthe peacocks and flame veneers looks great!!!!
    Hi Kevin, THis is Greg, did you get the pic's of the Tad? Chris wanted me to send them to Tad, but Tad has no email address in the Bluebook, if you haven't rec'd the pic's, I can send them to you in an email, I need your email address. If you've already rec'd them, then no problem. Thanks very much, Greg
    we were kinda stupid OR old and senile by leaving O out of the list we were talking about, REP comming soon as it lets me. LOL-how did we forget that???

    i will be in LA late next week, in 9 or 10 days from now, lets make a point to go play in Hollywood one night, I', bringing a couple cues to show you as well.

    eric :)
    Kevin you seem to be up on Gina cues, what is your email, Id like to know what a Gina model is and the going $, thanks Randy
    Hi Kevin,
    Did you ever get my email & photos of my 1960's Gina? You had asked me to send them and you were going to give me a price of what you thought they were worth.
    Steve (Ramzfan)
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