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    ATX Pool League - Austin, TX

    There's a new league in Austin. The first division is located at the Stardust Cafe on Manchaca Rd., southside. We have 6 teams. It's an in-house league with 100% player fees paid out to the top three teams. We are using modified PLA rules and structure. READ MORE FB...
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    Simonis vector logo

    Does anyone have the vector-type Simonis logo? eps, pdf or ai? (If you are not familiar, not jps / gif / png / bmp.)
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    Smart Cue: motion sensor tracking

    I'm an electrical engineer. I've had this concept in mind for a while. It's quite feasible to place motion sensors into a cue with a wireless transmitter. These sensors would monitor the stick's motion on every axis and send the data to a laptop and plot your motion through a stroke. It...
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    WIN! Bad Blood PPV Giveaway!

    Become a fan of Legends & Champions Pool Tour on Facebook! One fan will win a free PPV view to the highly anticipated ARCHER VS STRICKLAND match! >>>>> Join Now!! <<<<<
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    Want in? AZB Logo and Pool Novelty shirts

    Hey guys, I'm making a new batch of shirts. If you'd like a personalized AZB logo shirt or one of my pool novelty graphic designs, jump on over to and look around. Making an inventory order asap. tks.
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    Archer / Varner Mid-West Tour Feb'11

    The Legends and Champions Pool Tour is pleased to announce that Johnny "The Scorpion" Archer and Nick "The Kentucky Colonel" Varner will be traveling to four cities in February for an exhibition and pool-clinic tour. The format of the pool-clinics will be like previous clinics. Each clinic is...
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    Balls to the Walls!!

    Sounds like this would have been an awesome AC/DC song! Well ya know when you're at Kohls and you see those cheezy Love Laugh Live vinyl words for sale? We'll, I can use my sign-duty vinyl to make custom billiards theme graphics for your room! You can choose any of my designs or pay a design...
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    Custom game / pool room signs

    Hey guys, I have a small sign building biz too, so I can use my tools to make a custom game / family / pool room sign for your family. Framed glass with etch-look or normal vinyl Vinyl on metal or plastic signs
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    Pool stuff for kids!

    I imprint little shirts too! Customize any of my designs!
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    Find the girl of your dreams!

    Think of it, a crowded tournament, that shy girl shooting whiskey at table 7. How are you going to stand out? How's she gonna know that you're not like the other guys? What's gonna break the ice at railside? NO WORRIES! You're wearing your custom AZB logo shirt and she recognizes your name-...
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    So you think you're funny?

    Get anything printed on your shirt! Add on some custom pool graphics and make it yours. Anyone can wear a brand-logo, but here's your chance to really stand out! No minimum!
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    Get a hot head like Earl! Shipping the last box of sauces this week, get yours quick! Habanero- HOT HEAD!
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    Gifts for Lady Players!

    Ladies love this design, order yours now at
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    Want a hot winter?

    The latest batch of Legends & Champions Hot Shots Hot Sauce has arrived! Get 'em quick for a really fun pool-related gift! Fits in stockings! Another awesome exclusive product by Featuring! Earl Strickland Johnny Archaer John Schmidt Keith McCready Darren Appleton
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    Austin Events - Pls Advise

    Hey folks, if you have an event in the Austin, TX area, please give me a heads up. I'll post it at my new site-