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  • I'm out making new friends for the new year here on AZB, So I am just asking for your friend ship, If your ever in vegas please let me know.

    happy new year!!!!

    Eric :)
    Yeah no doubt!! and the odds they would have had to give up WOW !! you should have gotten some kind of cut
    Give me a call I dont have your number anymore as my phone found it's way into the swimming pool
    I don't get home untill about 5 now. If you want to shoot for a bit around then that would work.
    Thanks man, where are you guys playing tonight? I have plans with Meghan tomorrow but not until later. I could stop by after work for a couple of hours if you would like to shoot some. I will be going to the tourney on Saturday as well
    Good Luck tonight. If you are interested in playing tomorrow evening give me a call. Are you going to play in the Tourney SAT?
    Hey Darin,

    It was good man, I had a lot of fun out there! Our team didn't do so great in the tournament and we only won one match out of 3, but it was still fun. Chris didn't really practice much beforehand so that made it tough. I played a lot of guys from all over the US in the practice room gambling though and came out a few hundred ahead. Also spent some time with my fam and friends from Seattle & Japan there too. I am driving there again this weekend with Meghan to visit my fam and spend a few days with her. Should be a great time ! How have you been?
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