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    Bouncy rails

    I just saw an interview with Imran Majid in which he said the rails are playing really bouncy in Vegas. What are your feelings about bouncy rails? Is this a new trend or something? How do you adapt your game to it other than the obvious (faster, shorter angles, and the fact that they make it...
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    How come Manalo isn't playing in Vegas?

    I haven't been following much pool, but I haven't heard of him really since he won those unprecedented 20 matches or so in a row or so in the IPT. I kind of thought he'd be up there tagging Alcano and Corteza wherever they went as the new generation of Filipino world-beaters.
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    How do you play this?

    I'm playing an A+ player with BIH. If the billiard goes, it's close. The 4 definitely doesn't pass. I got out of line on the 3 and played...
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    I got a huge crush on Michaela Tabb

    I want. :o
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    Do you shoot at this? I didn't want the CB to go into the 4 or miss the shot and make a mess. So I played the 3 to thread the needle between the 9 and the two-ball cluster. I...
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    How often do you guys use this shot?

    This came up last night: I got the wrong side of the 6 and the 7 was interfering with the usual three rail lane. I was pleased with the results and got out from there. But I thought maybe I don't use...
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    I might be all done with the league stuff

    I play the team 9 ball league at Amsterdam B. What I really don't like is the races to 7. It's a gamble. The race is over before it starts. I had to spot 2 games going to 7 to a C player last night. I'd rather spot more in a longer set. You can't win. Or I can't.
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    Oh gosh humidity season

    Every summer it feels I'm learning the game from scratch. :mad:
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    I love 10 ball :D

    Both playing and watching. A lot more than 9 ball. I wonder if it's the extra ball or the triangular rack that creates the extra congestion. And by the way, I think it's Bustamante's time now. If not him then JJ.
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    Old timers...tell me about The Miz

    I am interested in his mental game for purposes of this thread. I'd like to know how he compares with the other players that are known for a great mental game: Varner & Co. From what I've seen of his tapes, Miz looks like he has a healthy relationship to the game. Taking joy in playing as...
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    Does Varner give lessons?

    I don't think I'd be ready for him yet, but I'm just curious for future reference. Thanks.
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    Who would win a fistfight btw U.S. and Team Europe???

    I give team Europe the nod. Neils vs. Morris --- slight advantage Neils Darryl vs. Earl --- slight advantage Darryl Archer vs. Drago --- huge advantage Drago (lol!) Deuel vs. Souquet --- a boring tie with much technical footwork Shane vs. Stepanov --- slight advantage Shane Whadd'ya guys...
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    I think there was a DCP thread earlier about his difficulty with draw shots... I never had much difficulty with that particular stroke, but lately, since I have put a lot of emphasis into not dropping my elbow, I noticed draw shots have become somewhat more effortless. I'm able to get more draw...
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    Describe what if feels to play the game correctly (longish)

    Hey, folks. This is a little nostalgic and long so if you want to read the meat of the post, skip the first two paragraphs. Haven't posted in these parts in a while and I miss you guys. I check in every time and again of course, but I'm starting a business and I've been averaging less than 10...
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    5 Laws of Practice

    Seeing the recent practice threads, I thought I'd share the 5 things that improved my practice sessions exponentially and made them more enjoyable. This is what practice sessions have to be for me: 1) limited and frequent 2) varied and pre-planned around priorities 3) progressively...