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    The best way to improve?

    People say play better players, and indeed I don't know of any other way to actually improve. I also say don't just spar but put some competitive pressure on your stroke (I know this is controversial), even if it's a token amount. However, "play better players" doesn't mean you play Mika...
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    What do you do if...

    I always establish a general time frame or number of sets in advance. I physically cannot play as long as an 20 year-old so when it's time to hit the hay that's what I'm gonna do. If there was no previous agreement I call out last 2 sets.
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    Quitting while you are ahead

    When I play, I try to lock a given number of sets in advance so there is no controversy. If that can't be done, then I usually give the guy who's behind on the money one set to recover his losses and I'm home free after that.
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    I wonder about the usefulness of 8 ball books. It seems to me playing straight pool is the best way to learn 8 ball. Capelle's book is the best I've come across, and yet in his Play Your Best Eight Ball he fails to really highlight the importance of tying up your opponent's balls during your...
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    Bouncy rails

    Yes, of course. But I thought it was a GCIV thing. The only time I played on Diamonds it played like I feel it should play (neither too bouncy nor dead).
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    Bouncy rails

    I just saw an interview with Imran Majid in which he said the rails are playing really bouncy in Vegas. What are your feelings about bouncy rails? Is this a new trend or something? How do you adapt your game to it other than the obvious (faster, shorter angles, and the fact that they make it...
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    Great thread on the best 9-ball player. How about one pocket?

    Alright, buddy. I'll take your word for it.
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    How come Manalo isn't playing in Vegas?

    I haven't been following much pool, but I haven't heard of him really since he won those unprecedented 20 matches or so in a row or so in the IPT. I kind of thought he'd be up there tagging Alcano and Corteza wherever they went as the new generation of Filipino world-beaters.
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    Great thread on the best 9-ball player. How about one pocket?

    Oh, so Scott Frost will play Efren even up today when he needed all kinds of weight less than two years ago?
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    Greatest 9 Ball Player Dead/alive

    I like Alex, Parica, Souquet, and The Miz. Edit: And Varner, and Sigel. ;)
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    Great thread on the best 9-ball player. How about one pocket?

    We're going to be here forever. Especially if Jay and Freddy chime in. But Jay is busy ATM. :thumbup: Most people my generation will say Efren, of course.
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    We did smoothest stroke. Now nicest over all game?

    I still like The Miz: he kicked very well, ran the patterns like anybody, and moved brilliantly from everything I've seen. He also really enjoyed the game and that helped him handle competitive pressure. :)
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    8-ball rotation

    It sounds like each rack could take 30 mins.
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    Move or no Move

    Yeah, I thought it was strange but he was worried about the ball grabbing, obviously.
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    830pm Live Kim Davenport USA vs Oliver Ortmann GER

    Oli was playing for the 3 the shot before, though. So he was going to try and twist it in, anyway.