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    Was Charlie Burns right?

    Was Charlie right to hold out money from Eddie when they were losing? Or should he have stayed with his horse to the last penny? What about later when Eddie was sober and wanted to take another shot? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is 14.1 gaining popularity?

    Or am I just noticing more as I focus my own game on it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shooting with extra equipment on the table

    I hope this sort of thing is interesting to at least a few of you. I am constantly encountering new stuff I'm not sure of. A few days ago I was playing a match, this time with a VERY good and experienced player, when he did something I'd never seen. He had two balls lady, both outside the...
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    Hitting the table with your palm while the balls are moving

    During a match today I hit a poor shot, and in frustration I slapped the table. My opponent thought this might be a foul since it could slow the balls down. I think I might agree with him. Opinions? Bob Jewett? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shooting while the racker is working

    How would you handle this situation? I'm playing a 14.1 league match and my opponent has finished a rack and left his 15th ball up table. I step to the table and start racking the balls. Before I am finished (the triangle is on the table and in my hands) he declares a safety and shoots the 15th...
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    Diamond carom table

    There is a thread on the main forum with some pics. Anybody tried one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    American Billiard Radio on Podcasts ap

    I listen to podcasts all day at work, and I use the iphone Podcasts app to do it. I was delighted to see ABR there and subscribed immediately. Unfortunately there are no episodes available there. Is anyone else having this problem? Or is it something I'm missing?
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    looking for a pool book

    This message made it's way to me and I can't find an answer, but I'm sure someone here will know what this is and will tell me. Then I can report back and look very knowledgeable and smart among my coworkers. We have a patron who is in rather desperate need of a book which could be a memoir...
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    what the heck is this?

    I saw this cue on CL. The ad says it's made by "Los Gatos Willie" and he's asking $1800 for it. No shaft in the pictures, either. Any ideas what this thing is?
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    slicking a shaft

    Hello esteemed cuemakers, I asked a guy to help me sell a cue a couple of weeks ago. It didn't sell, and I have it back now, but I have a problem. When I handed it over, both shafts were smooth and slick like glass. While he had them, he did me the favor of "cleaning" them, with water, with...
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    No DCC entry in Wikipedia

    I noticed that the Derby City Classic does not have an entry in Wikipedia, and that doesn't seem right. Are there any DCC insiders or pool historians here who can fix this problem? Maybe someone from Diamond, if nothing else?
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    this gave me a laugh

    I was sweating a nineball match-up last night and saw something that amused me very much. F..., I guy I know to be hotheaded and not completely trustworthy, hung the eight and was so upset by it that he slapped the cueball with his stick as the ball rolled down the table. Because of this, the...
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    cheap 8 footer

    I just noticed this ad on craigslist for a table in San Jose, CA. It probably isn't a very good table, but the price can't be beat. No, I'm not selling, I just noticed the ad.
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    My favorite drill

    I use this drill to warm up. It helps me find my stroke and get a sense of the speed of the table. I made it up, though I'm sure I'm not the first. Place an object ball on the footspot. With ball in hand, shoot that ball in and shape up for another ball on the footspot. Leaving the cueball...
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    Table mechanics: have you been asked to "trick" a table?

    Have you ever been asked to make a table play funny? maybe by using a different rubber on one side, making one pocket tighter than another, or sanding the slate of a pocket drop to make it more friendly? If so, what did they ask for, and did you do it? Do you know of any tricked-up tables in...