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    McDermott G Core shaft

    I'm looking at purchasing a new cue at a low price $200-$300 range. I found a nice wrapless McDermott cue coco and Birdseye with white and silver rings and a white joint with a 3/8x11 pin. Comes with a g core shaft and I'm just wondering what people thoughts are on these shafts. I've never hit...
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    LTB Jacoby hybrid edge 5/16x18 shaft

    Just like the tittle says I'm looking for a Jacoby hybrid edge shaft 5/16x18 joint. Will entertain other shafts but I'm mainly looking for the hybrid edge. Thanks guys!
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    Mosconi cup day 4 lineup

    Day 4 lineup is out! This is exactly how I would do it. Strongest players first because you have to pile up wins quickly. Shane hasn't played the best so far but he is our best and Hall is the USA MVP so far. It isnt over yet! Let's go USA!!! SVB vs daz SVB vs nikos HALL vs Niels BERGMAN vs...
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    Mosconi Cup Day 3 Line up

    Darren just posted this to his facebook page. From the looks of it, I like USA to win the day 3-2
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    What happened to Mika?

    I was browsing the new homepage here on AZ and I found the featured video of him and Lee Van. It got me thinking. Where has he been? I mean a few years ago he was one of the most dominant players in the game. He played and placed in pretty much every tournament he played all over the world. I...
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    Question about a possible Josswest

    I found a cue online for sale and the seller is listing it as a JW. But he says that there isnt the JW on the butt cap and all of the josswests ive seen have had that marking. He sent me a pic of the stainless steel joint and it does have Joss in block letters. Not Josswest though. If anyone has...
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    Updated article on Jarrod Clowery

    Seems like hes doing better even though he still has 20 BBs lodged in his body. Theres also a link in the article to donate to his medical expenses. Here's to a speedy recovery!
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    LTB Blue Diamond Chalk

    Im looking for a box or two of blue diamond chalk (2-4 pieces). Will paypal money asap.
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    ===For Sale: James White fullsplice butterfly beauty===

    Up for sale- James White Fullsplice butterfly cue This cue was purchased at Valley Forge last year. It comes with one James White Shaft which is completely unplayed, only test hit with an Ivory ferrule. Im also throwing in a predator 314^2 shaft with a Kamui black SS tip. The cue is fullsplice...
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    Looking to trade my Predator BK2 for a Jump Break

    I have a Predator BK2 that I would like to trade. The cue is wrapless, about a year old and In good condition. Has some minor scratches but nothing even visible to the eye. Im looking to trade what I have straight up. Im looking for a Gilbert,Gullyasy something along those lines. As long as it...
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    Who is the favorite to with the US Open from here?

    With all the great players left in the tournament, who is the odds on favorite to win? Orcullo? Efren? Shane? Archer? Maybe Im being a homer but I think Shane is the favorite to snap this off. Im not 100 percent sure on this but I dont think any of his opponents have even gotten 5 wins yet. Its...
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    LTB: New or used jump cue

    Im looking for a new or gently used jump cue. Im open to production or custom. My budget is $150 bucks. The only way I will spend more is if its a Lomax. Any offers will be appreciated.
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    Jacoby Hybrid Edge or Predator Z shaft?

    I play with a 314^2 shaft right now and I want to try something new. Im thinking either a Z shaft or a Jacoby Hybrid Edge. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    Bob Frey Sneaky FT or FS

    I have a Bob Frey Sneaky up for trade or sale. I would prefer to just trade it. What Im looking for is a combo of two things. Im looking for a good Jump cue(possibly custom) and a Playing shaft. Either a Predator Z shaft or a Jacoby Hybrid edge shaft. 5/16 pin with a black collar would be...
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    World Cup of Pool

    Does anyone else find it alarming that the USA is only sending one team? I guess its just another sign that pool is dying here and thriving in other countries. Pretty sad if you ask me.