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    Top 5 Most Significant Cues..

    And I ask you why not??? I did not disrespect any of those top cue makers and just made my vote. I know you own high end cues but it doesn't give you the right to bash others posts. You respect my post and I'll respect yours!
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    Top 5 Most Significant Cues..

    You never answered. So I guess you are the joke not the cue...
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    Top 5 Most Significant Cues..

    Could you explain why??? Check the history of the Torture cue so you can eliminate the confusion...more so a joke.
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    Top 5 Most Significant Cues..

    Edwin Reyes' Torture Cue is my vote for the top5...
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    My 20th Anniversary ER Cue

    This is the only 20th anniverssary signed cue I know of... Amboyna forearm and butt...4 hi and low ebony points with maple single veneer on hi points...sea snake leather wrap on handle...ivory diamond and blade inlays...
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    Selling my ER 20th Anniversary Cue...

    This is the only cue I know that has a 20th Anniversary signature... It's an 8-pointer (Hi-Low) with single veneer on the high points. A and C rings (pls correct me if I'm wrong...not too good at this)...with ivory diamonds and blade inlays on the high points and butt...sea snake wrap on the...
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    My New Paul Mottey '08

    Elegant... I rarely post here but made the move just to congratulate you bro on your beautiful cue...
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    ATTN: Roland Garcia, Houston TX - PAY ME!!!

    Bump for Ross...
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    Rip-off is official..beware Yuri_b17 and Tim_hong

    Even my math is awful. Bump for Bama...
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    Rip-off is official..beware Yuri_b17 and Tim_hong

    Yes it's me. I've been a member here for more than 3 years. I just want read every time I visit this site...religiously!
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    Rip-off is official..beware Yuri_b17 and Tim_hong

    Though I rarely post in this site I will support thru bumping this thread.
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    Who are the best butterfly cue makers

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    Any cues with birdseye and curly?

    Here's mine: The Boling Point Cue
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    Buyer / Seller transaction report

    Jack Justis from TheBeginner He must be the "most patient seller" I've ever encountered! The guy is courteous and very understanding. The delivery was fast (it took only 5 days from Canada to Philippines) and the item was in excellent condition! As what he marketed in this forum was what I...
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    Az Members who build their own cues please post photo's of your new and old work!!!!

    Back-surfing Sorry but I just cant let it go... Awesome cues and informative posts...