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    My 20th Anniversary ER Cue

    This is the only 20th anniverssary signed cue I know of... Amboyna forearm and butt...4 hi and low ebony points with maple single veneer on hi points...sea snake leather wrap on handle...ivory diamond and blade inlays...
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    Selling my ER 20th Anniversary Cue...

    This is the only cue I know that has a 20th Anniversary signature... It's an 8-pointer (Hi-Low) with single veneer on the high points. A and C rings (pls correct me if I'm wrong...not too good at this)...with ivory diamonds and blade inlays on the high points and butt...sea snake wrap on the...
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    My Boiling Point cue...patience is a virtue.

    After a lot of debates, last minute change of decisions (before the blade even touches my cue), and re-routing my future financial plans, my cue is now in progress. Talk about competing ideas with Master Bandido...he made 3 revisions with my cue (that means he won :D ) and the changes might...
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    Picture of Celtic Prince Cue

    Any pics for this cue? I'm just curious with this $103k phenomenon.